Call of the Sea, Free Right Now on the Epic Games Store, and Working Fine on Linux with Heroic


Another week, another game that’s free to grab on the Epic Games Store. Don’t expect me to test them every single week, while I did recently mention the availability of War Pips and Rise of Industry since those interested me in the first place. I happened to also know of the latest free offering, Call of the Seas which is why I am covering it again today. That was a game on my wishlist and since it’s free right now on the Epic Games Store I went ahead and grabbed it. The question was simply whether it would work well on Linux or not, and while it did complain of missing C++ libraries in the first place, it received an update a few days ago and re-installing led to the installation of said libraries during its first run. So, if you use Heroic Games Launcher it’s going to be very close to painless. I used WINE-GE-Proton7-37 and the performance was pretty much flawless as you can see in this video I captured:

I have only played it for about 30 minutes, and as expected it’s a first person adventure/puzzle solving game - yet very well made - visuals are very pleasing, the voice over is convincing, and the beginning makes you want to go further - whether the game gets really repetitive or tedious at some point is entirely possible, but so far I want to spend more time in its world.

It’s only going to be free for another day or so - if you are interested, don’t want too long to grab it!