Rise of Industry is Free Right Now on the Epic Games Store and works fine on Linux

Every week, the Epic Games Store gives away a new game from their catalog. We covered War Pips last time, and this time it’s Rise of Industry, a game that reminds me a lot of OpenTTD (excellent FOSS game by the way!) but made with modern technologies. This was my first time trying out this game and I checked out the tutorial, so you can see how well the game runs on Linux.

It works perfectly as far as I can tell. Around the end of the tutorial, there’s a neat part where they explain that you can buy shares from your competitors’ companies and ultimately take them over. A little too close to reality!

For reference, it worked very well by using Heroic Games Launcher, and WINE-GE-Proton7-37 version, on my old but trusty HP Z400 equipped with a Nvidia GTX 1660Ti.

The game is free to grab on the EGS for another 2~3 days at the time of writing.

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