Best Steam Deck Games Released in the Past Week, with Castlevania Advance Collection and Plan B Terraform - 2023-03-12 Edition


Between 2023-03-05 and 2023-03-12 there were 111 new games validated for the Steam Deck. Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones:

Steam Deck Verified


Released on 2 Mar, 2023, developed by Odencat, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG

About the game: Take control of the Underworld’s grumpiest ghoul to help a lost little girl find her way home in this creepy-cute indie adventure. Just be warned: if she cries, the whole world dies.

Steam Deck Playable


Released on 20 Feb, 2023, developed by Nankidai and published by 0UP GAMES. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 99.4 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Early Access

About the game: Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- is a multi-ending horror adventure game. Sara Chidouin returns home from school late one night to discover that something’s gone terribly wrong. When she comes to, she finds herself, her friend Joe, and 9 other people trapped in a mysterious place.


Released on 28 Jul, 2017, developed by Bikkuri Software and published by Henteko Doujin. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.9 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Casual

About the game: Graze the enemy’s bullets, Charge them head-on, and Wreak Havoc!!An exhilarating and dangerous shoot-em-up! This is a game for those with courage and survival instinct!


Released on 8 Feb, 2023, developed by Lekker spelen, , self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 95.5 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Casual, Indie

About the game: Drawing from Memory is an online party game where you and 2-4 friends try to figure out what your most and least favorite characters look like by Drawing them from Memory.


Released on 23 Sep, 2021, developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 92.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action

About the game: Count Dracula is once more back from the dead… Join the fight against Evil in the Castlevania Advance Collection, a compilation of timeless action-exploration masterpieces!


Released on 10 Apr, 2017, developed by Feperd Games, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 92.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action

About the game: Spark the electric jester is an action/platformer video game heavily based on best classics from the 16-bit era from both sides of the aisle.


Released on 3 Aug, 2021, developed by Frog Vibes and published by Gears for Breakfast. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 91.5 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

About the game: Here Comes Niko! is the cozy 3D platformer for tired people! You play as Niko traveling across scenic islands. Make new friends, catch fish, solve puzzles, snag bugs, and more! Oh, Did I mention your boss is a frog?


Released on 23 Feb, 2023, developed by Triple.B.Titles and published by Yogscast Games. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 91.4 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy

About the game: Aces & Adventures is a deckbuilding RPG with poker-powered combat. Craft your deck, combining poker hands with powerful ability cards. Journey through 13 fully-voiced campaigns to save the Life Tree, or tackle procedurally-generated runs in this strategic deckbuilder unlike any other.


Released on 16 Jun, 2017, developed by Pipliz, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 91.4 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Early Access

About the game: Colony Survival is a unique first-person strategy game developed by a two-man team. Build your own colony in a voxel world. Command guards, farmers, miners and other colonists. Defend your colony against the horde of monsters that attacks every night!


Released on 15 Feb, 2023, developed by Gaddy Games, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 91.1 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

About the game: Terraform a lifeless rock into a lush and habitable world. Build trucks, trains and sprawling factories on an enormous hexagonal planet. Grow its population to millions. Enjoy a dynamic simulation of atmosphere, temperature, water and forests.


Released on 23 Sep, 2015, developed by ColePowered Games, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 90.2 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Indie, Strategy

About the game: Concrete Jungle is a city planning deck-building game. Place buildings using cards in your deck and earn new ones as you progress! A genre-blending game packed with cool ideas that swaps micro-management for a more puzzle-like approach to city planning.

UPGUN (Free Game)

Released on 13 Aug, 2021, developed by MaxEstLa, and published by MaxEstLa. [Steam Store Page]

Rating: 90 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Casual

About the game: Face your friends in UpGun! Use each round to accumulate skills and overtake your opponents in this crazy deathmatch!