Dirt Rally Finally Confirmed for Linux!


It is not really a surprise since there were numerous signs that Feral was indeed working on this one, but there it is: Feral has officially confirmed it this very day. It should be landing on Linux on the 2nd of March - which means we should now expect two major (and recent) AAA titles at least in this first quarter since Civilization VI is also in the works and in the final testing phase apparently. EDIT (7 Feb 2017): We added the minimum and recommended specs at the end of this post.


Interestingly, Feral does NOT mention Mac availability - that is somewhat unusual, but it may be that they are trying to port their newer titles to Metal instead of OpenGL, and Dirt Rally will be using OpenGL again - as confirmed on reddit. As indicated by Edwin from Feral during our last podcast with them, Mac’s ancient 4.1 OpenGL makes newer ports really challenging while nowadays most Linux hardware can use 4.5.

All good news. Linux is still somewhat lacking in good racing games (GRID is great, but has its limits - and Dirt Showdown was a little too arcade-y) and Dirt Rally is just coming at the right time to fill that gap. Now if we could just get Asetto Corsa

Edit: Feral has just released the system requirements.

**CPU**: Intel Core i3-4130T or AMD FX6300 processor
**Distro:** Ubuntu 16.10 (64bit) or SteamOS (2.0 : 2.110)
**RAM:** 8GB RAM
**GPU:** 1GB NVIDIA 650ti (driver version 370.28) or AMD R9 270 graphics card (MESA 13.0.2) or better.

**CPU**: Intel Core i7-4770 processor
**Distro:** Ubuntu 16.10 (64bit) or SteamOS (2.0 : 2.110)
**RAM:** 8GB RAM 
**GPU:** 4GB NVIDIA 970 (driver version 370.28)