Disgaea 2 is Now Available on Linux


After the recent release of Owlboy, we are now getting Disgaea 2 ! This one was expected in January, and January it is. It’s almost strange when some port comes on time these days, and this one is a first citizen kind of port - same day release for all platforms (PC and Mac) as well Linux. Disgaea 2 is a very old game by now (PS2 era - released in 2006) and you could play it on an emulator if you really wanted to, but now it’s a lot more convenient this way.

The main changes versus the prior versions released (PS2 and PSP) are the inclusion of all the additional content of the PSP re-release (expanded character line-up, and some features backported form Disgaea3, too), and provides now mouse and keyboard support.


The game is starting to show its age: the textures are pretty awful to look at, and the character sprites are quite pixelated, but that was expected. This is not a “HD” version (apart from the resolution), visual assets were pretty much kept as is, sprayed with filters to make them look a little better.

In case you have never played the Disgaea series, know that it looks simple but becomes an extremely complex (in terms of possibilities) game down the road. It belongs to the infamous category of Japanese Tactical RPGs and is one of the best in the genre (a dying genre apparently - there are less and less of such games). You can now buy the game on Steam with a 10% rebate.

By the way, if anyone is aware who is responsible for the Mac/Linux port, please drop us a message in the comments!