Battletech: Mechs Return


Woah… this brings back memories. I remember playing in my teenage years the old SSI title Battletech, where you played a young kid getting involved in a larger conflict and ending up his hands on his own Mech to fight against foes from different factions. Even at the time graphics were pretty bad, but it was a very fun game, because of the turn-based mechanics and the fact that Mechs are composed on many parts which can all be upgraded separately for maximum damage or protection. That’s what it looked like back then:

Now Hairebrained Games, behind the revival of Shadowrun, are bringing back Battletech to life. This time it’s going to be a full 3D title, unlike Shadowrun, but it looks like the turn-based mechanic is pretty much intact. You can already watch a multiplayer battle from the beta on youtube - note that turns are now divided in 5 initiatives, making the whole concept a little more complex than usual:

It is going to be released on GOG and Steam, for all platforms (including Linux), apparently in mid-late 2017. I am cautiously excited about that one, and I hope they prepared a good background story as well.