Another Total War Title Coming to Linux


What… again ? may be your reaction here. It’s true that there is now no lack of Total War titles for the Linux platform. Feral and Creative Assembly have been very supportive in bringing their older titles, and the newer ones too (Attila and Warhammer), to Linux. I have to admit I am still waiting for Total War: Rome II, but in the meantime the new entrant is **Shogun 2 **(first released in 2011).

While it has now become quite old, it’s one of the best entries of the series, focusing on the 戦国時代 (sengokujidai), when Japan was amidst a bloody civil war around the end of our medieval era.  The goal is as usual to conquer your enemies and ensure total domination, and ultimately become the Shogun and unify Japan. Note that the base game will also be supplemented by the DLC (Fall of the Samurai).

The game will be released on the 23rd of May (in a week from now). It uses OpenGL, and while only Linux to Linux multiplayer will be supported at launch, apparently Feral is working on a patch to enable multiplayer between Mac and Linux.

In any case, we should have a review of the upcoming port at the time of the release… so stay tuned.