Surviving Mars: Landing in 2018


Paradox Games are now very well known for the numerous simulation games (as a developer as well as a publisher), and well known too for the enthusiastic Linux support (their last release in the grand strategy genre was Stellaris). Yesterday they have just announced an upcoming game called Surviving Mars, which takes on the difficulty of establishing a colony on the red planet. Mars missions have been discussed for several decades now, and with Elon Musk’s announcement of his plan to reach Mars within a decade or so, it seems more and more at reach than ever before. Whether it will actually happen at all, or within this timeline, is a whole different story, but we can certainly the excitement for space exploration all over again.

Difficult to say what kind of simulation Surviving Mars is going to be, but the trailer definitely has an humorous tone so it may not be one of these die-hard simulators you may expect from Paradox Games.

Descriptions of the game further emphasize sim-like features with each colonist having their own emotions and problems to deal with. No mention of how realistic the game is supposed to be, so at this stage it would be fair to assume it will probably be closer to Cities Skylines in the spirit and execution (mod support for structures was also announced).

There is still time before it is released (2018), so we will probably cover this game again once there are more information about how it plays.