8000 Playable Games on the Steam Deck, Including 3000 Verified Ones


It took a bit over two months for Valve and their partners to crossed a new milestone with (almost) 8000 games (Verified and Playable) on the Steam Deck! At the time of writing we have:

  • 2964 Verified Games (37%)
  • 4994 Playable Games (63%)

For a total of 7958 games in both categories. The actual threshold for 8000 games will probably be crossed in the next 24 or 48 hours.

Evolution over time

As usual here is the chart you are waiting for:

We are around a rate of 1000 new games validated every 2 months by now. It used to be faster around the beginning of the process (1000 games per month) but since then it’s settled down. Still, a fairly decent speed and a lot of recent titles are tested relatively quickly.

Additions per Day

As usual we see that the typical largest increase of titles happen during the middle of the week, while the testers take a well earned break during the weekends.

In other words, if you want to be aware of the latest news, you probably need to focus on your different feeds about the Steam Deck in the middle of the week. No need to check every single day.

Ratio of Steam Deck Verified titles over time

The ratio of Verified games to Playable games have been going down over time, but it’s rather stabilized by now, with the typical ratio at around 25%.

This is to contrast with the euphoric beginning where a lot more games were verified - we are back to better standards that better reflect the right status.

The Daily Recap

If you want to follow the latest count of Playable and Verified games and get to know the most notable releases, we are sharing it on a daily basis (if there’s enough new additions) on our Twitter and mastodon feeds (and nowhere else). Here is for example today’s latest one:

Full List of Games

We have just updated the list of Playable and Verified games for the Deck today with this new milestone on our dedicated page (the table has a search function) - feel free to have a look if you want to quickly check if a game you like is rated or not.