Steam Deck: Playable and Verified Games List

You can find here the latest list of all games validated as Playable or Verified on the Steam Deck. The list is updated frequently (see date below for latest date).

Latest Update: 2022-10-21

titleratingdateStore Link
Alisa QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Princess Maker ~Faery Tales Come True~ (HD Remake)Steam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Far AwaySteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
No Plan BSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Motor Town: Behind The WheelSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Touhou Kaeizuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View.Steam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
FORWARD: Escape the Fold - Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
SiNiSistar Lite VersionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1Steam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
祖玛少女/Zuma GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
VOIDCRISISSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
Trip In Another WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami — DojoSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
IKUSAAAAAAAN!Steam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
The Legend of The Sacred Stone EXSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
9-nine-:NewEpisodeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
All the Words She WroteSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
Adventure Academia: The Fractured ContinentSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
Cafeteria NipponicaSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
MORODASHI SUMOSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Resident Evil RevelationsSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
The SandboxSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Murder MinersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Infinity RunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-10-20Store Page
Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise Of Clans / Ex Machina: Meridian 113Steam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
DEPLOYMENTSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
SagebrushSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
I wanna be the CreatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-20Store Page
Learning FactorySteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Seek Girl ⅢSteam Deck Verified2022-10-19Store Page
球球少女/Pinball GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Apostle: RebellionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Seek Girl ⅦSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Chihiro Himukai Always Walks AwaySteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Impact PointSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Royal FrontierSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Island of LustSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Medieval Fantasy Survival SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Garage: Bad Dream AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Beyond RealitySteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Black MirrorSteam Deck Verified2022-10-19Store Page
ButterbiesSteam Deck Verified2022-10-19Store Page
RAM PressureSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
Idle Space RaiderSteam Deck Playable2022-10-19Store Page
The Wandering VillageSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
Way of the HunterSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Trial VersionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
TrinitySSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
CULTICSteam Deck Verified2022-10-18Store Page
TRIANGLE STRATEGYSteam Deck Verified2022-10-18Store Page
Voice of Cards: The Beasts of BurdenSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
PyreSteam Deck Playable2022-10-18Store Page
The Raven RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-10-18Store Page
Cosmos BitSteam Deck Playable2022-10-17Store Page
Unrailed!Steam Deck Verified2022-10-15Store Page
Darkstar OneSteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
The Ship: Murder PartySteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Shantae: Half-Genie HeroSteam Deck Verified2022-10-15Store Page
PICO PARK:Classic EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-10-15Store Page
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Indiana Jones® and the Emperor's Tomb™Steam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Darksiders IIISteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Dark DevotionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Six Ages: Ride Like the WindSteam Deck Playable2022-10-15Store Page
Victory RoadSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Flower CollectorsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 (2003 re-release)Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Metal: HellsingerSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Dust to the EndSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Criminal DissidiaSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
小白兔电商~Bunny e-ShopSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
ENCODYASteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
TaijiSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
少女的求生之路Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Poker QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Colony SiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Last HavenSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
MX vs ATV LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
SuccumateSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Taimanin Collection: Battle ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Rocket RumbleSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Jet Kave AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
BLASTRONAUTSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Yotsume God -Reunion-Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
KiltaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
GranAgeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Yeomna : The Legend of DongbaekSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Uncharted Waters IV HD VersionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
KEOSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Immortal MayorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Project : SKYSCAPESteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Rail of MöbiusSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
GigaBashSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Undernauts: Labyrinth of YomiSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Pro Soccer OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Everyday ShooterSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
Fire & ManeuverSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Simple Fish AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Kibbi KeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
EverdellSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Welcome to Free Will - Episode 1Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Skator GatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes - Friend's PassSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
SCP: Containment Breach MultiplayerSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
MandalaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Barro 22Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Lost: FindSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Sixtar Gate: STARTRAILSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Monster Girl ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Andy's Apple FarmSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
EiraSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
PotionomicsSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
RaubritterSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Scuffy GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Eros FantasySteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Silent Hill HomecomingSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Remnant RecordsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Tree Simulator 2023Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Between Two WorldsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Illusion 幻覚Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
風色幻想SP:封神之刻Steam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
SATAZIUSSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Emma's ArmamentsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Sven Co-opSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Dreamfall ChaptersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Legends of EisenwaldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
TeslagradSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2Steam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
ReignMakerSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Another PerspectiveSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Hard WestSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Knights of Pen and Paper 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Viking SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
bit Dungeon IISteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
War of Omens Card GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Sierra Ops - Space Strategy Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Planetary Annihilation: TITANSSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Burly Men at SeaSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
Endless SkySteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Legend of Mysteria RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUSSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Lost Lands: MahjongSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's HangoverSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Picross TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Dream Car BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Quern - Undying ThoughtsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Danger Zone 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Princess Maker 2 RefineSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
Unforgiving Trials: The Space CrusadeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Danger ZoneSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Armed and Dangerous®Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight CommandSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
The Invisible HandSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
bSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Solace CraftingSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Call of War: World War 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Sky Haven Tycoon - Airport SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Transport DefenderSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Starship EVOSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
ProtocolSteam Deck Verified2022-10-14Store Page
DepravedSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Battle Tanks: Legends of World War IISteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Rescue HQ - The TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!Steam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Crossroads Inn Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Desperados 2: Cooper's RevengeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-14Store Page
Bleeding EdgeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Project Warlock IISteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Junkyard TruckSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Bail or Jail(OBAKEIDORO!)Steam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Asterigos: Curse of the StarsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
FeartressSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Oh! Edo TownsSteam Deck Verified2022-10-13Store Page
Rock Life: The Rock SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Urban Trial FreestyleSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Escape GoatSteam Deck Verified2022-10-13Store Page
Putt-Putt® Enters the RaceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Ascension: Deckbuilding GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
FutureGrindSteam Deck Verified2022-10-13Store Page
Resident Evil 7 BiohazardSteam Deck Verified2022-10-13Store Page
FortixSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
SEUM: Speedrunners from HellSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Bit HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Muv-Luv photonmelodies♮Steam Deck Playable2022-10-13Store Page
Love Thyself - A Horatio StorySteam Deck Verified2022-10-13Store Page
Jewel Match Solitaire L'AmourSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Trombone ChampSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DXSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DXSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Pro Gymnast SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-10-12Store Page
Monster Girls and the Mysterious AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Deep DespairSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Construction SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Broken PiecesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Atelier TiaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Super Toy Cars OffroadSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
From The DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Sensual Adventures - Episode 5Steam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for GravitySteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
SCP: Secret FilesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Sexy AirlinesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Golden Axe IdolSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Paper Bride 2 Zangling VillageSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe PlusSteam Deck Verified2022-10-12Store Page
Alice's Warped Wonderland:REcollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Yumahorome ~Toki o Tometa Yakata de Asu o Sagasu Maigo-tachi~Steam Deck Verified2022-10-12Store Page
Nuclear ThroneSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
CrossoutSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
A grande bagunça espacial - The big space messSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Dungeons of SundariaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
missed messages.Steam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Project WingmanSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
Mandy's RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
NINJASLAYER : AREA 4643Steam Deck Playable2022-10-12Store Page
World of Talesworth: Idle MMO SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-10-11Store Page
NKODICESteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
King of KinksSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
My Truck GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of SilvanisterSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Jerez's Arena ⅡSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Chardonnay RomanciaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Ghost WatchersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Omega StrikersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Escape the BackroomsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
OnlyFap Simulator 2 💦Steam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Ittle DewSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Invisible, Inc.Steam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Heaven's Hope - Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
PathwaySteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Animation Throwdown: The Quest for CardsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
ConcurrencySteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Magic SpellslingersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
War BrokersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Nevergrind OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
Lost Artifacts: Time MachineSteam Deck Playable2022-10-11Store Page
BrotatoSteam Deck Verified2022-10-10Store Page
Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex MachinaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-10Store Page
Farthest FrontierSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASONSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Soda Story - Brewing TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Monster TrainSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Alchemist SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Henry Mosse and the Wormhole ConspiracySteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Trash Sailors: Co-Op Trash Raft SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
GloomwoodSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Efflorescence of LustSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
Full ServiceSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
Love BreakoutSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
SteelrisingSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Fabled LandsSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
FUSER™Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
MoonscarsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
The Crackpet ShowSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Rebirth:Mr WangSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
NeophyteSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
A.V.A GlobalSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Idle ResearchSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Just Act NaturalSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Mega KnockdownSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
BallfrogSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Summer~Life in the Countryside~Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Capcom Arcade StadiumSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
大秦帝国Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Ancient: Legacy of AzulSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
HYPER DEMONSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Rescuing You in the Infinite LoopSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Circadian DiceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Shelter 69Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
College Kings 2 - Episode 1Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Placid Plastic Duck SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Aristocunts II Re:ERECTIONSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Warlock 2: The ExiledSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Rogue : GenesiaSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Kanjozoku Game レーサーSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Black Market of Bulletphilia ~ 100th Black Market.Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Takoyaki Party SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Fallout 3Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Hexen: Beyond HereticSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Megabyte PunchSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
The Sea Will Claim EverythingSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
PongoSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Dungeon SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Iron SnoutSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Singularity™Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Iron Sea DefendersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
My Name is MayoSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Love Language JapaneseSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Camp SunshineSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
Empires of the UndergrowthSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Acid FlipSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Derail ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Meltys QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
God's BasementSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
The Bonfire: Forsaken LandsSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
Wilmot's WarehouseSteam Deck Verified2022-10-08Store Page
Board BattlefieldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Cadria Item ShopSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Beware of TrainsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
Möbius Front '83Steam Deck Playable2022-10-08Store Page
What Never WasSteam Deck Verified2022-10-07Store Page
PiiSimSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Phantom RoseSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Bloons Monkey CitySteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
PincrementalSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
8 Bit SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
SuchArt: Creative SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Sker RitualSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
SmithworksSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
花妖物语/Flower girlSteam Deck Verified2022-10-06Store Page
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Cyberfrags '69Steam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim™Steam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation The Endless Seven-Day JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of The BaskervillesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
RUNGORE: Beginner ExperienceSteam Deck Verified2022-10-06Store Page
Project: GorgonSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
WiredSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Skinwalker HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-10-06Store Page
Logic WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
The Outbound GhostSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Furry Love 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure BaySteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milkSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
KrunkerSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
MangoSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
7 AngelsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Into The EternalSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
SRX: The GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Terrain of Magical ExpertiseSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
GolfieSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Babol the Walking BoxSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
College Bound - Episode 1Steam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Dome KeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Slime Rancher 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Rescue Party: Live!Steam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
LegendarySteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Gelly Break DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-10-05Store Page
Super Bullet BreakSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
捉妖物语/Monster GirlSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Bounty of OneSteam Deck Verified2022-10-05Store Page
Sunday GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Kinkoi: Golden TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Sunday Gold: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Don Bradman Cricket 14Steam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Puzzler WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Airships: Conquer the SkiesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Umineko When They Cry - Question ArcsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Super Mega Neo PugSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
WandersongSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Interplanetary: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Break the GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-05Store Page
Best Friend ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Sneak In: a zuma gameSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
RoguebookSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
MutazioneSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Weed Shop 3Steam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
The Excavation of Hob's BarrowSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Despot's Game: Dystopian Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
A Day Without MeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Escape from Kyoto HouseSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Angel LegionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Serial CleanersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
POSTAL: Brain DamagedSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Ghosts 'n Goblins ResurrectionSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Across the ObeliskSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Shovel Knight DigSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Usurper: SoulboundSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Instruments of DestructionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Tandem: A Tale of ShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Countess in CrimsonSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
College Kings - The Complete SeasonSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Doomsday VaultSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Cards & TankardsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Pocket WatchSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Storm Tale 2Steam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
OndeSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Just GoSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
LEGO® BricktalesSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Ninja VillageSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Nightmare HunterSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Agarest: Generations of War ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Day of Defeat: SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Master SpySteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Dawn of Discovery™Steam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Ultimate Chicken HorseSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Bulletstorm: Full Clip EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
AlicemareSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Zup! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Mighty PartySteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Pure Rock CrawlingSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Arise: A Simple StorySteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Gamedec - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-10-04Store Page
Pagan: Absent GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-04Store Page
Fears to Fathom - Home AloneSteam Deck Playable2022-10-03Store Page
Legend of IxtonaSteam Deck Verified2022-10-03Store Page
Alaloth: Champions of The Four KingdomsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-03Store Page
Boomerang FuSteam Deck Verified2022-10-03Store Page
When the Darkness comesSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Horus Heresy: LegionsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
The WatchersSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Warp DriveSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Cute Honey 2Steam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
PBA Pro Bowling 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Half-Life: SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Crusaders of the Lost IdolsSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
TurokSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Linea, the GameSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Metro 2033Steam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
NEKOPALIVESteam Deck Verified2022-10-01Store Page
STAYSteam Deck Verified2022-10-01Store Page
Blush BlushSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
NALOGISteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition)Steam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
LumberhillSteam Deck Playable2022-10-01Store Page
MindustrySteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Master Of PotterySteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Pieces of my HeartSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Duck Life: AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
A Town UncoveredSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Polyville CanyonSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Puzzle Quest 3Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki I KAI -Thors Military Academy 1204-Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Railroad Ink ChallengeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
DANGO!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Attacker-chan!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Saints Row IVSteam Deck Verified2022-09-30Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2014Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
PANORAMICALSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Card HunterSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
YlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Let the Cat inSteam Deck Verified2022-09-30Store Page
ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MANSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
WARTILESteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Bridge Constructor StuntsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Angels of DeathSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Marie's RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Age of Wonders: PlanetfallSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Pro Cycling Manager 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Transport INCSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
The Settlers® : Heritage of Kings - History EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
PAGUI打鬼Steam Deck Playable2022-09-30Store Page
Vault of the VoidSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Streamer Life SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
The Conquest of GoSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
The SpikeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
EQUALINESteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Zombie StrikeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Kaiju PrincessSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
你已经猜到结局了吗Steam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
The witch of the IhanashiSteam Deck Verified2022-09-29Store Page
百将群英传Steam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Luxor EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Yandere Goddess: A Snatch Made in HeavenSteam Deck Verified2022-09-29Store Page
Mount & BladeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Left in the Dark: No One on BoardSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
GearCitySteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Lovely PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
UBERMOSHSteam Deck Verified2022-09-29Store Page
3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space OdysseySteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Sunless Skies: Sovereign EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Fidget Spinner EditorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
City Game Studio: a tycoon about game devSteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Bladed furySteam Deck Playable2022-09-29Store Page
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Call of the SeaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
The Political Machine 2020Steam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Battlefield™ VSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Battlefield™ 1Steam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
ZompiercerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Potion PermitSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
It StealsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Salt 2: Shores of GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
A Sinful CampSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Ghostwire: Tokyo - PreludeSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
Rhapsody: A Musical AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
Metal FlameSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
War for the OverworldSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Riptide GP2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
ObludiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Avernum 2: Crystal SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
Peggle ExtremeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Her StorySteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
After The End: The HarvestSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
The Uncertain: Last Quiet DaySteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Scanner SombreSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
50 yearsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Boyfriend DungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-09-28Store Page
CitystateSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
How To Date A Magical Girl!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
Otaku's AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-09-28Store Page
ORXSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Project CappuccinoSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
LostSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Galactic RulerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Cooking CompanionsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
ThymesiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
The Last of WaifusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
The DioField ChronicleSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
大江湖之苍龙与白鸟Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Hero by ChanceSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 6Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Initial Drift OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Farmer Against Potatoes IdleSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
ROUNDSSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Hog Hunter 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Tiny Heroes 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
The Bridge Curse Road to SalvationSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Real estate tycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
CoWorkerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
BomberpetSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
LUL inc.Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
PolygunnersSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Climax HeroinesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
VARIOUS DAYLIFESteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Hop Step Sing! VR Live Hop☆Summer 2ndSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Cracking the CrypticSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
FieldrunnersSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Adventures of ShuggySteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Another Farm RoguelikeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Dead PixelsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Joe Danger 2: The MovieSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Speedball 2 HDSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
KickBeat Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Truck RacerSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
TerraTechSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Bus DriverSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Super Treasure ArenaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of WarSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Tower 57Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold SteelSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Abandon ShipSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Tiny RailsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII with Power Up KitSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
When Ski Lifts Go WrongSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Rusty Lake ParadiseSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
Dakar 18Steam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
妄想症:Deliver MeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
The Battle of PolytopiaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
~necromancy~Emily's EscapeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-27Store Page
The Dungeon of Lulu FareaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-09-27Store Page
The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for InnocenceSteam Deck Verified2022-09-26Store Page
Lovely Overseer - Dating SimSteam Deck Playable2022-09-25Store Page
EBOLA 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-25Store Page
Shadowhand: RPG Card GameSteam Deck Playable2022-09-25Store Page
Layers of Fear 2 (2019)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
我来自江湖 From JianghuSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
KelipotSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Eleanor 3Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Necronator: Dead WrongSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
ZelterSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga ContinuesSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
StardeusSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
Maitetsu:Last Run!!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Chenso ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
RagingBlastersSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
From SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
軒轅劍參外傳 天之痕Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Like an AngelSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
真探Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
死寂(Deathly Stillness)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Dead Space (2008)Steam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
Flippin MisfitsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
RejoinderSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Andro Dunos IISteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Flower girl 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
SUPER NANARUSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Citywars Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Wylde FlowersSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
NecrosmithSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Run Build Pew!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
風色幻想4:聖戰的終焉Steam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
風色幻想5:赤月戰爭Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
風色幻想6:冒險奏鳴Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
風色幻想XX:交錯的軌跡Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Triple TownSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
A Fistful of GunSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
Fenix RageSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
Master of OrionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Immortal: UnchainedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
侠客风云传(Tale of Wuxia)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Celia's QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
BioShock™ 2 RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Zwei: The Arges AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
The Underground ManSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Vzerthos: The Heir of ThunderSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
LOST EMBERSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
The Blackout ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
The Golf Club™ 2019 featuring PGA TOURSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Borderlands Game of the Year EnhancedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
The Hong Kong MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
INSOMNIA: The ArkSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
OuroborosSteam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Hokko LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-09-24Store Page
G2 Fighter / 基因特工Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
幻想三國誌5/Fantasia Sango 5Steam Deck Playable2022-09-24Store Page
Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~Steam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
The Fisherman - Fishing PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Artificial ExtinctionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Hentai Mosaique Neko WaifusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Educational Games for KidsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Haunt ChaserSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Ark MobiusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Allura: Curse of the MermaidSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
ClanfolkSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
DyflexionSteam Deck Verified2022-09-23Store Page
Isle of ArrowsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and GraceSteam Deck Verified2022-09-23Store Page
BetrayerSteam Deck Verified2022-09-23Store Page
From the DepthsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind HeistSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
WARRIORS ALL-STARSSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Pandemic: The Board GameSteam Deck Verified2022-09-23Store Page
Shark Dating Simulator XL+Steam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Prehistoric KingdomSteam Deck Playable2022-09-23Store Page
Truck DriverSteam Deck Verified2022-09-23Store Page
GraduatedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Devolverland ExpoSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Easy Red 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Northern JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Noelle Does Her Best!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath EvilmanSteam Deck Verified2022-09-22Store Page
Stairway to Heaven's GateSteam Deck Verified2022-09-22Store Page
甜點王子2 典藏版Steam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Sky Resort - Delphi & JessySteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
A Building Full of CatsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-22Store Page
Super Puzzle Platformer DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-09-22Store Page
X-Plane 11Steam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Dark DeceptionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
BasingstokeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
SpacelordsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Khimera: Destroy All Monster GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
The WandererSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Witch ItSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Weedcraft IncSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Bad Dream: FeverSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
Hidden PawsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-22Store Page
LUMINES REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-09-22Store Page
Golf GangSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Heroines of Swords & SpellsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
GarbageSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
GLASSSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
ErophoneSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Block'Em!Steam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Yugo PuzzleSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
The Plague Doctor of WippraSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
How Fish Is MadeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
NBA 2K23Steam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Fairy BiographySteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Return to Monkey IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Hot And Lovely 5Steam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Volgarr the VikingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
DelverSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Bridge ConstructorSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Grim Fandango RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Project ArrhythmiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Kingdom: New LandsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Flood of LightSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
SPACEPLANSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
428 〜封鎖された渋谷で〜Steam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
MX BikesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
My Big SisterSteam Deck Playable2022-09-21Store Page
Monobeno-HAPPY END- DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
BROK the InvestiGatorSteam Deck Verified2022-09-21Store Page
Hentai Girl KarenSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
孙悟空大战机器金刚 / Sun Wukong VS RobotSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Immortal Realms: Vampire WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Battle Realms: Zen EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORSSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Venture SeasSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Please, Touch The ArtworkSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
War MongrelsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
There Is No LightSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
1001 Jigsaw Castles And PalacesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Natural Instincts: European ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Manor of Mystic CourtesansSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Path Of WuxiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Walking SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Summer MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
ARIA CHRONICLESteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
How Buddy’s parents met - a jigsaw puzzle taleSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
BEAR, VODKA, FALL OF BERLIN! 🐻Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Coloring Game: GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Force of Nature 2: Ghost KeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Succubus AffectionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Failed AdventurerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Chroma ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Instant Farmer - Logic PuzzleSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Garden SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers.Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
星空列车与白的旅行Steam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Aztech Forgotten GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
TinykinSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Star Chef 2: Cooking GameSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
PJ MASKS: HEROES OF THE NIGHTSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
METAL MAX Xeno RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
深海捕鱼/Deep FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
xiuzhen idleSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Madden NFL 23Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Noble FatesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Magical Girl CelesphoniaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Creator's AsteroidSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Re:サバイバーSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Jane The ReaperSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
新三國 漢室復興Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
CutSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
PachillinkoSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
挂机神话Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
La Pucelle: RagnarokSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
秋恋物语 Autumn RomanceSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
所向之未来 - Towards FutureSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Motherless - Season 1Steam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
The Journey Down: Chapter OneSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Full Throttle RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Another World – 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Earth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
7 Grand Steps: What Ancients BegatSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Half Minute Hero: The Second ComingSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
The Chaos EngineSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
140Steam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Electronic Super JoySteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Life Goes On: Done to DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
TowerFall AscensionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Tiny BrainsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
PixelJunk™ ShooterSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Little Racers STREETSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
SUNLESS SEASteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Geometry DashSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
How to Survive 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
KonaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
New York Mysteries: Secrets of the MafiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Gothic® 3Steam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Sakura Swim ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
QuarantineSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Monsters' Den: Book of DreadSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Front Office Football EightSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Warstone TDSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Soda DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
LOVE 2: kusoSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Stars EndSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
NeofeudSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Fade to SilenceSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
EastshadeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Adventure Land - The Code MMORPGSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Sentinels of FreedomSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Code RomanticSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Seed of EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
Axis & Allies 1942 OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Stronghold: WarlordsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Hunt and SnareSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
My 1/6 LoverSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
CHAOS;CHILDSteam Deck Playable2022-09-20Store Page
Miracle Snack ShopSteam Deck Verified2022-09-20Store Page
The MagisterSteam Deck Playable2022-09-18Store Page
The TakeOverSteam Deck Playable2022-09-18Store Page
Cave QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Super Bernie WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Samsara RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Love TavernSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Star Hunter DXSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Dispersio 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
THE LEGEND OF HEROES: HAJIMARI NO KISEKISteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Lady in MysterySteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Bad MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Beautiful Mystic DefendersSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur PrinceSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no KisekiSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
JudgmentSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Lost JudgmentSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Hack 'n' SlashSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
DuskersSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Zoo ParkSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
MountainSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your DadSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02Steam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
Rivals of AetherSteam Deck Verified2022-09-17Store Page
EVERSPACE™Steam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Liftoff®: FPV Drone RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
Alone in the Dark 3Steam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
A Light in the DarkSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
The Initiate 2: The First InterviewsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
BioShock InfiniteSteam Deck Playable2022-09-17Store Page
People PlaygroundSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Football Manager 2021 TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Orwell's Animal FarmSteam Deck Verified2022-09-15Store Page
Rebirth:Beware of Mr.WangSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Workplace RhapsodySteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
ArchipelagoSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
RitualSummonSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
The House in Fata MorganaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Pixel StarshipsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
The Wild EightSteam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Conduct DELUXE!Steam Deck Playable2022-09-15Store Page
Jack MoveSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Tower PrincessSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
7 Girls WarSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
DraconiaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
BROK the InvestiGator - PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
IMMORTALITYSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
3D Hentai ChessSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Disney Dreamlight ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
CosmoDreamerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
The Test: Final RevelationSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Fright Night Sex FestSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Alien MarauderSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
PlateUp!Steam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Hamster Blitz!Steam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
The World According to GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.8Steam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Universe SandboxSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Euro Truck SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Blood Bowl 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Kill to CollectSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Super Time Force UltraSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
theHunter ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Enemy FrontSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Rebuild 3: Gangs of DeadsvilleSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Mega Coin SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Trine 2: Complete StorySteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Sakura BeachSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
Sky NoonSteam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
古剑奇谭二(GuJian2)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-14Store Page
E.ZSteam Deck Verified2022-09-14Store Page
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 MatsuribayashiSteam Deck Playable2022-09-12Store Page
Source of MadnessSteam Deck Verified2022-09-12Store Page
HAAKSteam Deck Verified2022-09-12Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki KaiSteam Deck Playable2022-09-12Store Page
ResonanceSteam Deck Verified2022-09-12Store Page
A Perfect DaySteam Deck Verified2022-09-12Store Page
Dungeon DeathballSteam Deck Verified2022-09-12Store Page
Jester / KingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-11Store Page
Through the Darkest of TimesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Shadow CorridorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Crossfire: LegionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Public Defense CorpSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Elemental GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Rescue Team: Evil GeniusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
A Hand With Many FingersSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Defective HolidaySteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
GardeniaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Her New Memory - Hentai SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Kingdoms RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
3D Math - UltraSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Lost in PlaySteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle RSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
KorSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Samurai Gunn 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
SEARCH PARTY: Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Tennis Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Miner: Dig DeepSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Fights in Tight Spaces (Prologue)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Tiny Space AcademySteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Island DiarySteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Pill BabySteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Café Stella and the Reaper's ButterfliesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Colony SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Aim ClimbSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
GuardenerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Reach for the SunSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Road RedemptionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Sudden Strike 4Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
HylicsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
KartKraft™Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
HERO DEFENSESteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Merger 3DSteam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
1bitHeartSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Yet Another Zombie Defense HDSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Surgeon Simulator 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Professional FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
StarBallSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
PLAYNE : The Meditation GameSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Return to Castle WolfensteinSteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
HALF DEAD 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-10Store Page
Hidden Paws MysterySteam Deck Playable2022-09-10Store Page
Hentai CrushSteam Deck Verified2022-09-08Store Page
NyashaSteam Deck Verified2022-09-08Store Page
Adabana Odd TalesSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Alex Hunter: Lord of the MindSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
ToGather:IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Monster Jam Steel Titans 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
AgrouSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Swarm the City: Zombie EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
EXCALIBURIAN!!Steam Deck Verified2022-09-08Store Page
Meteor World Actor: Badge & DaggerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Crystal ClashSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Project LazarusSteam Deck Verified2022-09-08Store Page
Dark Messiah of Might & MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
McDROIDSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Gems of War - Puzzle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
TyrannySteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Motorsport ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
CASE: AnimatronicsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
Streets of RogueSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
They Are BillionsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-08Store Page
The Forgotten CitySteam Deck Verified2022-09-08Store Page
Knight Squad 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Cris TalesSteam Deck Verified2022-09-07Store Page
Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism.Steam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Zero IDLESteam Deck Verified2022-09-07Store Page
Life is Strange: Before the Storm RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Sid ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Love PuzzleSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
DEMON GAZE EXTRASteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Worms ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
BalrumSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Sector SixSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
CatastronautsSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Rolling LineSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
Species: Artificial Life, Real EvolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-07Store Page
SumeriansSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Ticket to RideSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
My Child LebensbornSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
GriefhelmSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Love wishSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Mýrdalssandur, IcelandSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Fly CorpSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
The Last Sunshine: RekindledSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Sakura Succubus 3Steam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
My Singing MonstersSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Re:Turn 2 - RunawaySteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
TrackDayRSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Dragon And HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Moon DancerSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Redout 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Nightmare of DecaySteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Meth MasterSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Yakiniku simulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
PomoFarmSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
LuciusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Wolfenstein 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Kingdom Rush - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
BlocklandSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Haunt the House: TerrortownSteam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IISteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2: Triple Thrill PackSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
DeathtrapSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Time Mysteries 3: The Final EnigmaSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Retro CommanderSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Arma 2: Operation ArrowheadSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate JigsawSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VI (Old ver.)Steam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New DespairSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Farming Simulator 17Steam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Still Life 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
VisageSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
aMAZE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-09-06Store Page
Ashes CricketSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
ARMA: Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Drunken Wrestlers 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Heroes of HammerwatchSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Men of War™Steam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Champions OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-09-06Store Page
Ziggurat 2Steam Deck Playable2022-09-05Store Page
PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City CallsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-05Store Page
Lay a Beauty to Rest: The Darkness Peach Blossom SpringSteam Deck Verified2022-09-04Store Page
Aspire: Ina's TaleSteam Deck Playable2022-09-04Store Page
DUSKSteam Deck Verified2022-09-04Store Page
Fight Angel Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Stan Lee's VerticusSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Heart's Medicine - Season OneSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Steel AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Turbo Golf RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
CaterpillarnoidSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Tunnel of DoomSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Serafina and the Key to the EggSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Simona's RequiemSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Jack Axe: The TrialSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Toree 3DSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Clownfield 2042Steam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
FixFoxSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Starry KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
GASERBSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
You MustSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
LEGO® BrawlsSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
The Kids We WereSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
TranceSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Hidden Ghost TownSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Santa JumpSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Cave CrawlerSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Rogue LegacySteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
Block Story™Steam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Hexcells PlusSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
ElsinoreSteam Deck Verified2022-09-03Store Page
The Secret Order 4: Beyond TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
My Pet RockSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Hand SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Frontier Pilot SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Time WarpersSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Majesty 2 CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
BackboneSteam Deck Playable2022-09-03Store Page
Bouncing DVD : The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Just KingSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
GedoniaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Rail RouteSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
SimCasinoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Dream DateSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Hentai FurrySteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Destroy All Humans! 2 - ReprobedSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
DEEMO -Reborn-Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
WarpipsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Forza Horizon 4Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Midnight Fight ExpressSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Tomb RumbleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Last Call BBSSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Retreat To EnenSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Dread DelusionSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
SurrounDeadSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Cat MuseumSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer CampSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Cricket 22Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Crossing Guard JoeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
F1® Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Fire and SteelSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Mago: The Villain's BurgerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Seraph's Last StandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
TowerlandSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
KnightbladeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Toilet ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Kena: Bridge of SpiritsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Idle Baker BossSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Zeno ClashSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Talisman: Digital EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Soundodger+Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Carmageddon TDR 2000Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Sunrider AcademySteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
BesiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Steep™Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Catan UniverseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of DuskSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Ultimate Epic Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
60 Parsecs!Steam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Humanity Must PerishSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
MugstersSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Disgaea 5 CompleteSteam Deck Verified2022-08-31Store Page
Cheeky ChooksSteam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
The Dream Machine: Chapter 1 & 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-31Store Page
Haven ParkSteam Deck Verified2022-08-28Store Page
𝄢Gaia's Melody II: ECHOED MEMORIESSteam Deck Playable2022-08-28Store Page
Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)Steam Deck Playable2022-08-28Store Page
Bad Guys at SchoolSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Cute HoneySteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
No Place Like HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
The Use of LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-27Store Page
Forever To You!Steam Deck Verified2022-08-27Store Page
ObsideoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
My Newborn Life In A HaremSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
The City Must GrowSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Harem of NursesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Snake ForceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Netorious Neighbor Cumming for their Wives!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
OverrogueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Town of SalemSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Evolution Board GameSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Jupiter HellSteam Deck Playable2022-08-27Store Page
Blood Rage: Digital EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Still ThereSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Being a DIK - Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Out There: Oceans of TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Brass BrigadeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Model BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Touken Ranbu WarriorsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
The Test: Hypothesis RisingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Vampires' MelodySteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Pumping SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
SEIKEN-MANIFESTIASteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Woman's PrisonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
SANABISteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Goose Goose DuckSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
WISH - Paradise HighSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
HelixSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
20bSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Neon SundownSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Old Coin Pusher FriendsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Stalker in blackSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Cosmo Player ZSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Oxide Room 104Steam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Before The NightSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2Steam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Pirate Booty and the Bukkake BuccaneerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
IncubusSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
DRAINUSSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
BoneTown: The Second Coming EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
STASISSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Prominence PokerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Syberia IISteam Deck Verified2022-08-26Store Page
Clone Drone in the Danger ZoneSteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Rise of IndustrySteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Good CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-08-26Store Page
Super Neptunia RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Lust from BeyondSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Sophie's DiceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Princess Castle QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Our Life: Beginnings & AlwaysSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
DREAMGATESteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Halo InfiniteSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Diplomacy is Not an OptionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
War on the SeaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Mini Motor Racing XSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
BecastledSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Lisa and the GrimoireSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOADSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Exorcist FairySteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Mission in SnowdriftlandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Internet Cafe Simulator 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Big Dick at the BeachSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Deiland: Pocket PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
MADiSONSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Submarine WarSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Shades of SakuraSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: ColonizationSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
The Witch's Sexual PrisonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Zombie SurvivorsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Project Kat - Paper Lily PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy: PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
TRATRITLESteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
HeliopediaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
ADACASteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Dusk Diver 2Steam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEPSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Shirone: the Dragon GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
MomotypeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
VestigeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Sunset World OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Doomed to HellSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Booty FarmSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Go Home Dinosaurs!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Homeworld: Deserts of KharakSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Darkness Within 2: The Dark LineageSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
LISA: The PainfulSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Luxor HDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
FortsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Feed and Grow: FishSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Just Shapes & BeatsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
LEAVES - The ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Old WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Deep Sky DerelictsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
OPUS: Rocket of WhispersSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Ninjin: Clash of CarrotsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
The Bard's Tale TrilogySteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Dicey DungeonsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Project HospitalSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Cube Escape: ParadoxSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Artificial MansionSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Virgo Versus The ZodiacSteam Deck Verified2022-08-25Store Page
Tiny Bird Garden DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-25Store Page
Futa Fix Dick Dine and DashSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Alek - The Lost KingdomSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Sakura Hime 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
THE CORRIDORSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Obscurite Magie: The City of SinSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Doctor Who: The Edge of RealitySteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Farlanders: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
3 Minute HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Draw & GuessSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Dragon DropSteam Deck Verified2022-08-23Store Page
JUNKPUNKSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Swordcery: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
A Vampyre StorySteam Deck Verified2022-08-23Store Page
Good RobotSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Airport Madness: World EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Deponia DoomsdaySteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The BeastmasterSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Iratus: Lord of the DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
FlotsamSteam Deck Playable2022-08-23Store Page
Tangle TowerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-22Store Page
Punch ClubSteam Deck Playable2022-08-22Store Page
Dual Family I - IXSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
FearmoniumSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
The SlormancerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 3Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
AnthophobiaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Yomi AllianceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Unravel TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet SymphonySteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Beacon PinesSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
UNBEATABLE [white label]Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Greak: Memories of AzurSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
WobbledogsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Plunder PanicSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
One More Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
PICO PARKSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Bakery Shop SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Ravenous DevilsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Rise of Humanity: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
A YEAR OF SPRINGSSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
AGRYOS: Recovering EdenSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
QUICKDRAWSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Cursed to GolfSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Cascade TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
LunacidSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Capcom Arcade 2nd StadiumSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Buggy GameSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Chastity CatastropheSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
The TourystSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
KombineraSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
The Albino Hunter™ {Revamp}Steam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
I'm on Observation Duty 5Steam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Little Noah: Scion of ParadiseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
HunterXSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
The Caligula Effect 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
beat refleSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
Star Sonata 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
SilenceSteam Deck Verified2022-08-20Store Page
LaserlifeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Chuzzle DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Zuma's Revenge!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
RaywinSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Sid Meier's Civilization® IVSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Moonbase AlphaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
BioShock™ RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Phantom Brave PCSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
HuenisonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
The PedestrianSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
ConstructorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Warriors: Rise to GlorySteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Tokyo Xanadu eX+Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.1Steam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Voxel TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Don't Be AfraidSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Cliff EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Dinosaur Fossil HunterSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Pocket WaifuSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Winkeltje: The Little ShopSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
M.A.S.S. BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
AutomachefSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Earth AtlantisSteam Deck Playable2022-08-20Store Page
Eyes in the DarkSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
If Found...Steam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Action Arcade WrestlingSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Golf Around!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
HindsightSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Mists of NoyahSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Suits: Absolute PowerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
MonobotSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Last FloorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
DreamWorks Spirit Lucky's Big AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Micro PlatformerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Fobia - St. Dinfna HotelSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Cricket Captain 2020Steam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
KAPIASteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Skate CitySteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Please Fix The RoadSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
ProdigalSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
OsteoblastsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
DevastatorSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Puzlkind Jigsaw PuzzlesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Auto World TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Anvil SagaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
LOVE 3Steam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Voronica Cleans House: a Vore AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Cat Powered UFOSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
PsiloSybilSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
SailwindSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
GrindstoneSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
SPACE ACCIDENTSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Demon SpeakeasySteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Arkheim - Realms at WarSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Lumino CitySteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Viking: Battle for AsgardSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
SpectromancerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Defense TechnicaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Eschalon: Book ISteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
VoidExpanseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARSSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Quell MementoSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
SylvioSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Stay CloseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Siralim 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Finding HopeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Might & Magic: Heroes VISteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Super StarSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
You Have 10 SecondsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Unto The EndSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Love, Money, Rock'n'RollSteam Deck Verified2022-08-18Store Page
Project XandataSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Sam & Max 102: Situation: ComedySteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
STEINS;GATE 0Steam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Digimon SurviveSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
ULTIMATE HARDBASS DEFENCESteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Labyrinth: The War on TerrorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Mini HealerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
The Hand of GlorySteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Dealer's LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-18Store Page
Disaster Report 4: Summer MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
BipedSteam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
Battle Planet - Judgement DaySteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Arcadia FallenSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Cabin FeverSteam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
Democracy 4Steam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
Zapling BygoneSteam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
FrogunSteam Deck Playable2022-08-17Store Page
Asteroids: RechargedSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
The UpturnedSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Demon Sword: IncubusSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Dungeons of DreadrockSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Toki Tori 2+Steam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
The BridgeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
ShadowSideSteam Deck Verified2022-08-17Store Page
Two Point CampusSteam Deck Playable2022-08-16Store Page
Kiwi Clicker - Juiced UpSteam Deck Playable2022-08-16Store Page
Istanbul: Digital EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-16Store Page
Happy WordsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Rock of Ages 3: Make & BreakSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Pushy and Pully in BlocklandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Vixen WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Fantasy General II: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
American Theft 80sSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Photo StudioSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Mosaique Neko Waifus 3Steam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Arcade ParadiseSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
INTERASTRA: Planet SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Siren Head: AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Hentai BeachSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Alfred Hitchcock - VertigoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
ElecHeadSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Killer SudokuSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Habroxia 2Steam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Time MasterSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Horse Club AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Living with Temptation 1 - WILDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
P3TTSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Dungeon CoupSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Dave Dave DaveSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Femdom Waifu VRSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
G-MODEアーカイブス+ 弾幕検定死験-大往生編-Steam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Space Quest: 2099Steam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
College Bound: Arctic AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Touch Some GrassSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Super Sanctum TDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Infectonator: SurvivorsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Black The FallSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Buzz Aldrin's Space Program ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Night in the WoodsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
Fate/EXTELLASteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
She and the Light BearerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-15Store Page
DISTRAINT 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
CypherSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
!AnyWay!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
Coffee TalkSteam Deck Playable2022-08-15Store Page
RoundaboutSteam Deck Verified2022-08-14Store Page
Spaceland: Sci-Fi Indie TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
StarmancerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
ITORAHSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
TombStarSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Mad TracksSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol 1Steam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Night ReverieSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Time RiftSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Land of ScreensSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Baby Dino AdventuresSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Inexistence RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Be HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Nongunz: Doppelganger EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Lemon CakeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
DapSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Beasts of Maravilla IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
80's OVERDRIVESteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Urbek City BuilderSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Syberia: The World Before - PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Jardinains!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Frincess&CnightSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Sakura Succubus 4Steam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Pinball GroupiesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Swallow the SeaSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
GunlockedSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Wide OpenSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Future FortuneSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Witch of Mystery TowerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Secret Agent HDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
The Faraway LandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Fostering ApocalypseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Bear's RestaurantSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Jerma's Big AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Pets at WorkSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Boneraiser MinionsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
PacifishSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Sanctum 2Steam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
A Valley Without Wind 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Prime World: DefendersSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4Steam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
The PlanSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Hexcells InfiniteSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Event[0]Steam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Ladykiller in a BindSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
The Rabbit and The OwlSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Thimbleweed Park™Steam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
AWAY: Journey to the UnexpectedSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Marble Run 2DSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Lamp ChronicleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Hasbro's BATTLESHIPSteam Deck Playable2022-08-13Store Page
Phantom Thief CeliannaSteam Deck Verified2022-08-13Store Page
Mighty GooseSteam Deck Verified2022-08-12Store Page
雀魂麻將(MahjongSoul)Steam Deck Playable2022-08-12Store Page
The WILDSSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Hellsinker.Steam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Making it HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Fire EscapeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Mail Mole + 'Xpress DeliveriesSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
Armoured Commander IISteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
No Umbrellas AllowedSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Wizardry: The Five OrdealsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Fashion Police SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
UNREAL LIFESteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
Mayor of DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Kill It With Fire: HEATWAVESteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Rushdown RevoltSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Strike Buster PrototypeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Neptunia Virtual StarsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
IWOCon 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Bunny HillSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
AnomalousSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
The Mole MenSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
MONSTER HUNTER RISESteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
The Magnificent TrufflepigsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Outside The BoxSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Lab RagsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Cyanotype Daydream -The Girl Who Dreamed the World-Steam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
satryn deluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
MalyshkaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Gentlemen's ClubSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DemoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Runes of PandemoniumSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Stakeholder GameSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Monument Valley: Panoramic EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Monument Valley 2: Panoramic EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
World of GooSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Super House of Dead NinjasSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Remember MeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Quadrilateral CowboySteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
HiveSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
Deadly 30Steam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Quake LiveSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Haegemonia: Legions of IronSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Sky BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Unheard Screams - King Leopold II's Rule Over The CongoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Close Combat - Panthers in the FogSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Jim Power -The Lost DimensionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
The Room TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
ParkitectSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Dark Void™ ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Adam WolfeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Stratego - Single PlayerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-11Store Page
For The KingSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Rugby Union Team Manager 2017Steam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Umineko: Golden FantasiaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Dead In VinlandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
VectorWars VRSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Mayhem in Single ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
The InitialSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Braveland HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
HimnoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
Puzzle Agent 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-11Store Page
AdoreSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Tales of the Black ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
The Alien CubeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Bear and BreakfastSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
TimelieSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Rain on Your ParadeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Galactic Mining CorpSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Sisterly LustSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Haiku, the RobotSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
The Wind RoadSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Cannibal CrossingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Sexual VoidSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Cult of the LambSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Patch QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
The TroopSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Incremental AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
BoppioSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Observer: System ReduxSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Crisis WingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Happy QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
The Tarnishing of JuxtiaSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Knights CollegeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Prison Tycoon®: Under New ManagementSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Tyrant's BlessingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Striving for LightSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
FrankenStorm TD: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Drone ShowcaseSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Ouija RumoursSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
A Valley Without WindSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific SkiesSteam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Mutant Mudds DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Knights of HonorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Hegemony III: Clash of the AncientsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Calvino NoirSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Frozen Synapse PrimeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
ULTRAWORLD EXODUSSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!Steam Deck Verified2022-08-10Store Page
Front Office Football SevenSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Half-Life Deathmatch: SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
The Dolls: RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
PrismataSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
House PartySteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Riven: The Sequel to MYSTSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
V-Rally 4Steam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Field of Glory IISteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Perilous WarpSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
DescendersSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under FireSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
KeplerthSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
Romans: Age of CaesarSteam Deck Playable2022-08-10Store Page
WitchtasticSteam Deck Verified2022-08-09Store Page
WarDogs: Red's ReturnSteam Deck Verified2022-08-09Store Page
Bridge Constructor: The Walking DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-08-09Store Page
Limb HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-08-09Store Page
Alien DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-09Store Page
Legends of Kingdom RushSteam Deck Verified2022-08-09Store Page
Firestone: Online Idle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-08-08Store Page
Sword of the NecromancerSteam Deck Verified2022-08-08Store Page
BeholgarSteam Deck Verified2022-08-08Store Page
Treasures of the AegeanSteam Deck Verified2022-08-08Store Page
FINAL FANTASY XIV OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-08-08Store Page
Shotgun Farmers: Grow Your GunsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-08Store Page
Blackwell UnboundSteam Deck Verified2022-08-08Store Page
Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-08Store Page
AethernautSteam Deck Verified2022-08-07Store Page
A Memoir BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-07Store Page
Horatio Goes SnowboardingSteam Deck Playable2022-08-07Store Page
Haunted Hell HouseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-07Store Page
ROBSteam Deck Verified2022-08-07Store Page
LOVESteam Deck Verified2022-08-07Store Page
FlowScapeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Ord.Steam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
Help Will Come TomorrowSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Gensokyo Night FestivalSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Costume QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
StackingSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Cube Escape CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
BATTLESHIP APOLLOSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
ASTRO AQUA KITTYSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
Milo and the MagpiesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
MixolumiaSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
Tiny BunnySteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Dread X Collection 3Steam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Dagon: by H. P. LovecraftSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
AnnalynnSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
Opportunity: A Sugar Baby StorySteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Last Blossom: Roleplaying tabletop based sceneSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
ColorBlend FX: Desaturation PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-06Store Page
Jagged Alliance FlashbackSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Pajama Sam's Lost & FoundSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
NuxSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
TeeworldsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
ACE AcademySteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Day D: Tower RushSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Lost Lands: The Golden CurseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
RiverbondSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Star ExplorersSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Fidel Dungeon RescueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
The Pit: InfinitySteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
A Mortician's TaleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
ChippySteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Quarantine CircularSteam Deck Playable2022-08-06Store Page
Remothered: Broken PorcelainSteam Deck Playable2022-08-05Store Page
Forgotton AnneSteam Deck Verified2022-08-05Store Page
Hentai Shooter 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-08-05Store Page
Territory IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Heaven DustSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Flying Red Barrel - The Diary of a Little AviatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
CathedralSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
DinkumSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Sakura MMO 3Steam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Hedon BloodriteSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL / サムライスピリッツ零スペシャルSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
The Wild at HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Aeolis TournamentSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Demoniaca: Everlasting NightSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Astria AscendingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Spark and SparkleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Wild Terra 2: New LandsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
The Legend of Bum-BoSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
SuperEpic: The Entertainment WarSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Sinking SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Grimm's HollowSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Huuma Mina: The Secret of ImmortalitySteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Immortal LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
My Lovely WifeSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Healing SpreeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Magical SwordmaidenSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
RollerdromeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Spectacular SparkySteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Strike Team GladiusSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Iron ConflictSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Mind ScannersSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Hentai vs Evil: Back 4 WaifusSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Agent MurphySteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
G-Darius HDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Animal Shelter: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Horror NightSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
MILFs of SunvilleSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Marvel’s Spider-Man RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
LuckitownSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Lunar FlightSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Aarklash: LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Quake IISteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
The ShivahSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Dominions 4: Thrones of AscensionSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
SentinelSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
The Desolate HopeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Rampage KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Warhammer QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~Steam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Coffee Shop TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Acceleration of SUGURI 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Ice LakesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
SpellForce 2 - Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
ZoombinisSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
CivCity: RomeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Serious Sam 3: BFESteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Zombie Night TerrorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Children of a Dead EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
OgreSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Beans: The Coffee Shop SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Mosaics Galore 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Battle Princess MadelynSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Don't Escape: 4 Days to SurviveSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Orwell: Ignorance is StrengthSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Gaia BeyondSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Per AsperaSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Gemini RueSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
NavalArtSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Achtung! Cthulhu TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Idle HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-08-04Store Page
S.W.I.N.E. HD RemasterSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Full SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Onii-chan AsoboSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
Hard Reset Extended EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-04Store Page
KAMIKOSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the RipperSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Guardians of Middle-earthSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
邻居大叔/UncleNeighbor:uncle Dating SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Shaolin vs Wutang 2Steam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
Onee Chanbara ORIGINSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Boris and the Dark SurvivalSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
Gravewood High MultiplayerSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Formula Retro RacingSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
Dawn of FearSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
AnShiSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
This Means WarpSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Forgotten FieldsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of ZombiesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Matchpoint - Tennis ChampionshipsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
Obsidian PrinceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Toy Soldiers: HDSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Sword and Fairy 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Spirit of the IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Idle MonkeylogySteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
The CaptainSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Rabby in the Land of SweetsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Idol HandsSteam Deck Verified2022-08-02Store Page
Coin TreasuresSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Dungeon Defenders: Going RogueSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
MultiVersusSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
主宰飞仙-养肝护肾畅快修仙Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Creeper World 3: Arc EternalSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Of Guards And ThievesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Battle IslandsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond GothamSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
QP Shooting - Dangerous!!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Jotun: Valhalla EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
TranscendenceSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Disposable HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
DreadOut: Keepers of The DarkSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Satellite RushSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
GuardsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Natural Selection 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Avalon Legends Solitaire 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Oh My GodheadsSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
HaydeeSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Faerie Solitaire RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Space Channel 5: Part 2Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Meteor 60 Seconds!Steam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Deathtrap Dungeon TrilogySteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Songs of ConquestSteam Deck Playable2022-08-02Store Page
Virtual CottageSteam Deck Playable2022-08-01Store Page
Let's CookSteam Deck Playable2022-08-01Store Page
YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-Steam Deck Verified2022-08-01Store Page
American Theft 80s: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-31Store Page
DISTRAINT: Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-31Store Page
NORCOSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Random Heroes: Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-30Store Page
Raptor Boyfriend: A High School RomanceSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Blind DriveSteam Deck Verified2022-07-30Store Page
Time LoaderSteam Deck Verified2022-07-30Store Page
Occupy Mars: Prologue (2020)Steam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Princess FarmerSteam Deck Verified2022-07-30Store Page
Powerboat VRSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Fast Finger RuleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Essays on EmpathySteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
PayloadSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Coins, Chests and LootSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Super Crate BoxSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Dusty Revenge:Co-Op EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
RexauraSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Card QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Green RanchSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Party PanicSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
The Pirate: Caribbean HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
Candleman: The Complete JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-07-30Store Page
Wasteland RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
LightmatterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-30Store Page
ApostleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Gun Gun PixiesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
CountryBalls HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Commandos 2 - HD RemasterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Klang 2Steam Deck Verified2022-07-29Store Page
Lenna's InceptionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-29Store Page
The Heroic Legend of EagarlniaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
100 Doors Game - Escape from SchoolSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
KukkoroDaysSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
The Wizard and The SlugSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Gladiator Guild Manager: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
They Always RunSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Intruder on the BridgeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Come HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Resist the succubus—The end of the female KnightSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Hero of the KingdomSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Tropico ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
NevermindSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Sébastien Loeb Rally EVOSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Big Thinkers 1st GradeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Shoppe KeepSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Everybody's Gone to the RaptureSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
moto RKD dash SPSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Coming Out on TopSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-07-29Store Page
Death CrownSteam Deck Verified2022-07-29Store Page
MUSYNXSteam Deck Playable2022-07-29Store Page
SynergiaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Black LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Get To Work, Succubus-Chan!Steam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
L.A. NoireSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Hentai Girl DivisionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost StorySteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Hardspace: ShipbreakerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Ether LoopSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Super MagbotSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
Home Behind 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Let's Cook TogetherSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Saint KotarSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
TOKOYO: The Tower of PerpetuitySteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
The Good LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
R.B.I. Baseball 21Steam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Over The PhoneSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
just a game to test your lQSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Aquarist - My First JobSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Nope Nope NursesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Men of War: Condemned HeroesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Alien Breed 3: DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
LUFTRAUSERSSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
FORCED: Slightly Better EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Space Colony: Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Adventures of PipSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
TroveSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Atlantic Quest SolitaireSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
The Adventure PalsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGASteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
CHKNSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Youtubers LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® BrotherhoodSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Batman - The Telltale SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
My Lovely DaughterSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
Reigns: Her MajestySteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Dungeon MunchiesSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
Love Vibe: AriaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Reigns: Game of ThronesSteam Deck Verified2022-07-28Store Page
Balsa Model Flight SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-28Store Page
Smile For MeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Port Royale 4Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
WARSAWSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Alchemy StorySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Pixel Puzzles Traditional JigsawsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
NewCitySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Mystery Solitaire Grimm's tales 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Uncharted Tides: Port RoyalSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
I Wanna MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Minds of NationsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By NatureSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The White DoorSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Holy Knight LuviriaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Super Toy CarsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour (拼图)Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Mahou ArmsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
COCKHEADSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Light Fairytale Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
A Little Golf JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
VengeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Love & Sex: Second BaseSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Blood priceSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
DEMON'S SWORD SNAKES -Sweet Dreams of the Cursed Snake-Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Fright Chasers: Thrills, Chills and Kills Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Operation: TangoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Bistro DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
InsurmountableSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Darkzone: Idle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA InitiativeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
GHOSTWINTERSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Caravaneer 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
MitozaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Sparkles & GemsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Ninety DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
SHIPS AT WARSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Five NationsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Sexorcist AcademySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Helping the HottiesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Smasher and the Will o' the ThiccsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Buddy and Lucky SolitaireSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
7 Wonders: Treasures of SevenSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
GNOSIASteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Scarlet HollowSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Berserk ModeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Sophie's Safecracking SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Idle Monster FrontierSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
PiratopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
LinearShooter RemixedSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Pico IslandsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Rhythm BrawlSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Time Idle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Empires ModSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Furry FetishistsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Winning Love by Daylight [Ep 1+2]Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
ThalamusSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
First BiteSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
College SeductionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Rogue TowerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Monsters and WeaponsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
SupercowSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance IISteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Mark's Magnificent Marble MazeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Help Me Remember, Satori-sama!Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
AcquittedSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The LookerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Assassin's Creed® RevelationsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II - The Sith Lords™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Din's CurseSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Nancy Drew®: The Deadly DeviceSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Surgeon SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Risen 3 - Titan LordsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
A-Train 8Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The Wolf Among UsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Long Live The QueenSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Depths of Fear :: KnossosSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Pool NationSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Ethan: Meteor HunterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark SwanSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing InitiativeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The Last Door - Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
HarvesterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
TransOcean: The Shipping CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
My Lands: Black Gem HuntingSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The Lost CrownSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Black Mirror ISteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Coma: MortuarySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Hero GenerationsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Captain Forever RemixSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Space Hulk: AscensionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
20XXSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
BoundlessSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Goats on a BridgeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
HearthlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Insane 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Sparkle 3 GenesisSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
AdvertCitySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
100ft Robot GolfSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The Final TakeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Drone SwarmSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
AI War: Fleet CommandSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Alpha Polaris : A Horror Adventure GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Voidspire TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
BlackwakeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Burnin' Rubber 5 HDSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Wolcen: Lords of MayhemSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Axes and AcresSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Black RoseSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Blueprint TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Soulslayer~灭魂·误佳期~Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Journey to the Center of the EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
MechajammerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Citadel: Forged with FireSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Planet NomadsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
FoxholeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Let Them ComeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Ball of WonderSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Maniac MansionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Eternal Card GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
STARDROPSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
I Hate Running BackwardsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
SonnySteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
NuminaSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Quantum LeagueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Granado EspadaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Hitman: Codename 47Steam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Hakuoki: Edo BlossomsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
The ExecutionerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Mr. PrepperSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Cooking Simulator GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
EquilinoxSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Tasty Planet ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Typing IncrementalSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Sister TravelSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
King of RetailSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
After HoursSteam Deck Playable2022-07-27Store Page
Phantom AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-07-27Store Page
Ms. Splosion ManSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Arcanium: Rise of AkhanSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Detroit: Become HumanSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
SNIKSSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
MXGP 2020 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Mad StreetsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Waifu Secret 2Steam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Leap of FaithSteam Deck Playable2022-07-26Store Page
Shattered Pixel DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-26Store Page
Jelle's Marble LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Exquisite Ghorpse StorySteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
The Two of UsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Cut the RopeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
BravelandSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Super Life of PixelSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
AER Memories of OldSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
The DescendantSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
VirginiaSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
EnigmoonSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Stories: The Path of DestiniesSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Romancing SaGa 2™Steam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Heroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars OathSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
THE QUIET MAN™Steam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Banner of the MaidSteam Deck Verified2022-07-26Store Page
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-07-25Store Page
Robot DaycareSteam Deck Playable2022-07-25Store Page
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible WizardSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
AstronarchSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
SephonieSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Iron DiscoSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Bone AppetitSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
World of Art - learn with Jigsaw PuzzlesSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Nix UmbraSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
Minit Fun RacerSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
SPOOKWARESteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Crown of PainSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
Pirate JamSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
KairoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-24Store Page
XING: The Land BeyondSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
ShardlightSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
ReignsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
MinitSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Phoenix PointSteam Deck Verified2022-07-24Store Page
Omega Labyrinth LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
[Chilla's Art] The Convenience Store | 夜勤事件Steam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Savage HalloweenSteam Deck Verified2022-07-22Store Page
Our Personal SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Sakura HimeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Flesh WaterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Escape AcademySteam Deck Verified2022-07-22Store Page
Negligee: Spring CleanSteam Deck Verified2022-07-22Store Page
AnomaliesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Access DeniedSteam Deck Playable2022-07-22Store Page
Ephemeral TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-07-21Store Page
The HorrorscopeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-21Store Page
Stable Orbit - Build your own space stationSteam Deck Playable2022-07-21Store Page
ChillSteam Deck Verified2022-07-21Store Page
Adventure of a LifetimeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-21Store Page
PROP AND SEEK®Steam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
[Chilla's Art] Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネルSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
[Chilla's Art] Yuki Onna | 雪女Steam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
Baldi's Basics PlusSteam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
[Chilla's Art] Hanako | 花子さんSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
RuinverseSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Brookhaven GrimoireSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
No Plan B: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Factory Manager SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Leave No One Behind: Ia DrangSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
AIKAGISteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
NejicomiSimulator Vol.2 (Gapping, Amputee sex slave, Petrify, Time Stop)Steam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Sword of ElpisiaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
11 Islands 2: Story of LoveSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
InterplanetarySteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
UnrestSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Lucius IISteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Spirits of XanaduSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Giana Sisters 2DSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
CrossCodeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
OUTRIDERSSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
The Blackwell LegacySteam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
Blackwell ConvergenceSteam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
Deadliest Catch: The GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-20Store Page
Hell PieSteam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
Endling - Extinction is ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-07-20Store Page
UnsouledSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Wobbly LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Offroad ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Cleo - a pirate's taleSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
If On A Winter's Night, Four TravelersSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Time on Frog IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
From Paris with Love: Passion with viewSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
ImpossiballSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Strawberry VinegarSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
AkinSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Rento Fortune: Online Dice Board Game (大富翁)Steam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
Batbarian: Testament of the PrimordialsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-19Store Page
The Rising of the Shield Hero : Relive The AnimationSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
APICOSteam Deck Verified2022-07-16Store Page
Dude Simulator 4Steam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
DeathSpankSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Kamigawa: A Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
HatredSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Alice's PatchworkSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping KingSteam Deck Verified2022-07-16Store Page
Lionessy StorySteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-Steam Deck Verified2022-07-16Store Page
IgniteSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
PolygodSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
de Blob 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Zork: Grand InquisitorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Hakuoki: Kyoto WindsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
The Crooked ManSteam Deck Playable2022-07-16Store Page
Record of Agarest War MariageSteam Deck Verified2022-07-16Store Page
Detective Girl of the Steam CitySteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Play The FoxSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
20 Minutes Till DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Cloudberry Kingdom™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Gardens Inc. – From Rakes to RichesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush ThreepwoodSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate GodSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Quell ReflectSteam Deck Verified2022-07-15Store Page
Death Rally (Classic)Steam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Frozen Synapse 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Bunker PunksSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Timore InfernoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Empires in RuinsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
ARMA: Cold War AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Devil In The CapitalSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Bounty BelowSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
YOUFIGHTSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Football Manager 2019 TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
WrenchSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Kunoichi BotanSteam Deck Playable2022-07-15Store Page
Ideology in FrictionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Acting LessonsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Liz ~The Tower and the Grimoire~Steam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Mists of AidenSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Britannic: Patroness of the MediterraneanSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Furry Shades of GaySteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
DeadPolySteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Paper BrideSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Line StrikeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
OVERLORD: ESCAPE FROM NAZARICKSteam Deck Verified2022-07-14Store Page
An OutcrySteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my MeatSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Fallout: New VegasSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Fallout: New VegasSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Strike Suit Zero: Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 3 - Lair of the LeviathanSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
HeadlanderSteam Deck Verified2022-07-14Store Page
Eden RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Relic Hunters Zero: RemixSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Secret Files: TunguskaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Hybrid WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Ghost 1.0Steam Deck Verified2022-07-14Store Page
Home BehindSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Time in TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Glass MasqueradeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Sudden Strike GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
My Memory of UsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-14Store Page
Smoke and SacrificeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
BioShock® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Capcom Beat 'Em Up BundleSteam Deck Verified2022-07-14Store Page
Ambition: A Minuet in PowerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
Emily is Away <3Steam Deck Playable2022-07-14Store Page
TimeShift™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Aron's AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
10 Miles To SafetySteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Castlevania Anniversary CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
Home Sweet Home : SurviveSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Queen's Wish: The ConquerorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 4Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Phantom Breaker: OmniaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
The Perfect Tower IISteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Deadly Dozen ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
Milky Way Prince – The Vampire StarSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
ESCSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Mexican Train Dominoes GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Survival Quiz CITYSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Sunshine Heavy IndustriesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Grey InstinctSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN ΣSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
HamsterSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
MARSUPILAMI - HOOBADVENTURESteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
RayboundSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
VerdictSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
GATESteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Legendary Tales: CataclysmSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Cute Honey: Bunny GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
Last DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
DystopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Wrought FleshSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
The Slaverian TruckerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
They Die TomorrowSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Secret Mission: The Forgotten IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Into the WavesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
The Age of NavigationSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Haha DoodleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Cyberpunk GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Gunslinger ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
FayburrowSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Earth 2160Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Rocket KnightSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Offspring Fling!Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Conflict Desert Storm™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Ghost of Thornton HallSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Planet ExplorersSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Valiant Hearts: The Great War™ / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Lambda WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1Steam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
7,62 High CalibreSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: ArmageddonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Curse of Blackmoor ManorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Shantae and the Pirate's CurseSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
Hyperspace PinballSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
HueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma ExtendSteam Deck Verified2022-07-13Store Page
MekazooSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
The Secret Order 2: Masked IntentSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Eaten AliveSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
PerceptionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Bubsy Two-FurSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Nadia Was HereSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Dead Rising® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Hidden Object - 12 in 1 bundleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Voodoo GardenSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Broken ArmorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
My TribeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Sailaway - The Sailing SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
RosenkreuzstiletteSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
GunsmithSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Thief of ThievesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Academia : School SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Neos VRSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
NVLSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
SNK HEROINES Tag Team FrenzySteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Hiveswap FriendsimSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Crimson ShiftSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Black ParadoxSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Leviathan ~A Survival RPG~Steam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Iron DangerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
STEINS;GATE: Linear Bounded PhenogramSteam Deck Playable2022-07-13Store Page
Impostor FactorySteam Deck Playable2022-07-12Store Page
City of GangstersSteam Deck Playable2022-07-12Store Page
TechnobabylonSteam Deck Verified2022-07-12Store Page
The Longest Five MinutesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-12Store Page
Blackwell DeceptionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-12Store Page
The Mirror LiedSteam Deck Playable2022-07-12Store Page
Tales of the Tiny PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-07-10Store Page
Battle Bands: Rock & Roll DeckbuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-07-09Store Page
WAGAMAMA HIGH SPECSteam Deck Verified2022-07-09Store Page
Blaster Master ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
MutropolisSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
AimbeastSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
I got a cat maidSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
DominionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
DOOM 64Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Peaceful DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Split or StealSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
My Breast Friend SallySteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
War of the Three KingdomsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Earth AnalogSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Anime Artist 2: Lovely DanyaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
StraySteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰Steam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Dreamland Solitaire: Dark ProphecySteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Fuga: Melodies of SteelSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Luck be a LandlordSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
SonoritySteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
CrashMetal - CyberpunkSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Kingdom BuildersSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
My GarageSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Sakura AlienSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Little Witch in the WoodsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
The Centennial Case : A Shijima StorySteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Get Stuffed!Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Idle PinsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DXSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
FORGOTTEN: THE GAMESteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Tails & Titties Hot SpringSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
The BaconingSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
OutpostSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
MOTHERED - A ROLE-PLAYING HORROR GAMESteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Idle SuperpowersSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Crazy MachinesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
7 Days to End with YouSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Learn Programming: Python - RemakeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Crusader Kings IISteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Red FactionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
POSTAL 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Might & Magic X - LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Papers, PleaseSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
VerdunSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
The Talos PrincipleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Heavy BulletsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Sakura SpiritSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Life is Strange - Episode 1Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
The Cursed ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Eternal SeniaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters GenerationSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Party HardSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page The GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
MachinariumSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Atlantic FleetSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Paladins®Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
C14 DatingSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Syberia 3Steam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
BUTCHERSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
.hack//G.U. Last RecodeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Brick RigsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Clicker GuildSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Yuppie Psycho: Executive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Choose WiselySteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Azure Saga: PathfinderSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS™Steam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Immortal Soul: Black SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Defense ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Monster CrownSteam Deck Playable2022-07-08Store Page
Factory TownSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
The LEGO Movie 2 VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
THE LONGINGSteam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Axiom Verge 2Steam Deck Verified2022-07-08Store Page
Override 2: Super Mech LeagueSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!Steam Deck Verified2022-07-07Store Page
Dot's HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-07Store Page
DropsySteam Deck Verified2022-07-07Store Page
Doom & DestinySteam Deck Verified2022-07-07Store Page
MOAI: Build Your DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
Autobahn Police SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
Farm Frenzy: Heave HoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
Not TonightSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
Space Invaders ExtremeSteam Deck Verified2022-07-07Store Page
The Legend of BeanSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
BloodrootsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-07Store Page
ZengeonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
GearshiftersSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
EmbrSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Death and TaxesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Resident Evil 2 "R.P.D. Demo"Steam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of LustSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
Rum & GunSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Post VoidSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
IkaiSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Bunny's FlowersSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Power to the PeopleSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Into the PitSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
100 hidden birdsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
Robolife-Days with AinoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Alina of the ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Lust Academy - Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
GemCraft - Chasing ShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
7,62 Hard LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Pahelika: Secret LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
AccidentSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
Radio CommanderSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
YagaSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
Wintermoor Tactics ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-07-06Store Page
Marle: The Labyrinth of the Black SeaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-06Store Page
The AnacrusisSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
INDUSTRIASteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!Steam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Lawn Mowing SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Dreams of Desire: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™Steam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Rewrite+Steam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
The Witcher Adventure GameSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Contradiction: Spot The LiarSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Crush CrushSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Unforeseen IncidentsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Son of a WitchSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
World of WarshipsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Opus MagnumSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Alien Swarm: Reactive DropSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Graveyard KeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Play With Me: Escape RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-07-05Store Page
Kebab it Up!Steam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
One Step From EdenSteam Deck Verified2022-07-05Store Page
Strobophagia | Rave HorrorSteam Deck Verified2022-07-02Store Page
Bionic CommandoSteam Deck Playable2022-07-02Store Page
DEAD RISING®Steam Deck Verified2022-07-02Store Page
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordSteam Deck Verified2022-07-02Store Page
PapeturaSteam Deck Verified2022-07-02Store Page
Disneyland AdventuresSteam Deck Verified2022-07-02Store Page
Space Quest™ CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
The Backrooms Game FREE EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Stilt FellaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Imperiums: Greek WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Hentai Vs FurriesSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Animal Revolt Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Disc RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Otome the ExorcistSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
MAMIYASteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Forgive Me FatherSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Red Embrace: MezzanineSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Love SeasonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Within SkerrySteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Sex Adventures - The Job InterviewSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
To the MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3Steam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Blackwell EpiphanySteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
StartopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Iron Grip: WarlordSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
UnavowedSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
PlithSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Mother Russia BleedsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
ADventure LibSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
FaeriaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
The Madness of Little EmmaSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Deliver Us The MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
There's Poop In My SoupSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
AscenderSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Ratty CattySteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Raging LoopSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Mutilate-a-Doll 2Steam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Corpse Party: Book of ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-07-01Store Page
Sam & Max 105: Reality 2.0Steam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Bone: The Great Cow RaceSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Lost Lands: Mistakes of the PastSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Conan UnconqueredSteam Deck Playable2022-07-01Store Page
Bang Bang RacingSteam Deck Verified2022-06-30Store Page
Disc CreaturesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Guardians of the AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
My Cute RoommateSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
SHEEPOSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
Storybook BrawlSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Devil GirlSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
My Furry Neighbour 🐾Steam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Sonic OriginsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
BRINKSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Moon HuntersSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
I Am BreadSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
School of DragonsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
That Dragon, CancerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
GerminationSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Borderlands 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Escape DoodlandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
Occupy White WallsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Hand Simulator: SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-06-29Store Page
Seek GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-06-29Store Page
Hazel SkySteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
HnefataflSteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
Chasing StaticSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Nioh 2 – The Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
The Legend of TiandingSteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
RogueClickSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Max Payne 3Steam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Out There SomewhereSteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
Mortal OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame - Act I & Act IISteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rdSteam Deck Verified2022-06-28Store Page
Masquerada: Songs and ShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory HappinessSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
OLDTVSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Subsurface CircularSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
I am not a Monster: First ContactSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Lucah: Born of a DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® - SoulstormSteam Deck Playable2022-06-28Store Page
Overboard!Steam Deck Verified2022-06-27Store Page
Farming LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
The Coma 2: Vicious SistersSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Spin Rhythm XDSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Fisher OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Horror Story: HallowseedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
The Solitaire ConspiracySteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Assassin's Creed™: Director's Cut EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
KINGDOM of the DEADSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
HellslaveSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
PolyslimeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
LEGO® Batman™: The VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
MinimumSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Primal CarnageSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Scribblenauts UnlimitedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Quake 4Steam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Abyss OdysseySteam Deck Verified2022-06-25Store Page
The Red SolsticeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Paper DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Titan SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Orbital GearSteam Deck Verified2022-06-25Store Page
Lakeview Cabin CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale MiniseriesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Governor of Poker 3Steam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Where the Water Tastes Like WineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Need For Speed: Hot PursuitSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Mount & Blade: With Fire & SwordSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Police Quest™ CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Big Bang EmpireSteam Deck Verified2022-06-25Store Page
Strange TelephoneSteam Deck Verified2022-06-25Store Page
The Sinking CitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-25Store Page
X-COM: EnforcerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Imperator: RomeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-25Store Page
Dialtown: Phone Dating SimSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Before We LeaveSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Bite the BulletSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Succubus x SaintSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Witch HalloweenSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Bonfire PeaksSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
TeardownSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
TroubleDaysSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Project Starship XSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Tell Me WhySteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Asterix & Obelix XXL: RomasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Barro RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
IxSHE TellSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Room to GrowSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Iragon: Prologue 18+Steam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Erannorth ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Castle MorihisaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DXSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Stumble GuysSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Empire TakeoverSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
I Love Finding MORE CatsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Laruaville 10 Match 3 PuzzleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Golf Solitaire SimpleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja WarsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Fable - The Lost ChaptersSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Rocksmith™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
NiGHTS Into DreamsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Bridge ProjectSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Warhammer: End Times - VermintideSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
ContagionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Tiny Barbarian DXSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Obscure II (Obscure: The Aftermath)Steam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Estranged: Act ISteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Turbo Dismount™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's CutSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Cities XXLSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
MorphopolisSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Disney•Pixar Cars Mater-National ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7Steam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
EngareSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
SquareCellsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
WildfireSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Heliborne CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
White Day: A Labyrinth Named SchoolSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 TatarigoroshiSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
The Shrouded IsleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.4 HimatsubushiSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Zombie Army 4: Dead WarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Sniper Elite V2 RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Truberbrook / TrüberbrookSteam Deck Verified2022-06-24Store Page
Love Esquire - RPG/Dating Sim/Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-06-24Store Page
Nova-111Steam Deck Verified2022-06-23Store Page
KholatSteam Deck Verified2022-06-23Store Page
Bad North: Jotunn EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-23Store Page
泡沫冬景Steam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
My Time at SandrockSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
TrackMania Nations ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
DwerveSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Going UnderSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Kill It With FireSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Severed SteelSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
SuchArt: Genius Artist SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Achilles: Legends UntoldSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
SouldiersSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Gladiators IDLESteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Age of ChivalrySteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Witch ExplorerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and PunishmentsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Brigador: Up-Armored EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
DarkwoodSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Supreme League of Patriots - Episode 2: Patriot FramesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Lost Castle / 失落城堡Steam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
In The ShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Neon PrismSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Pharaoh + CleopatraSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Holiday Bonus GOLDSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
#monstercakesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Sonic ForcesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Men of War: VietnamSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Loading Screen SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Skirmish LineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-22Store Page
Death end re;QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-06-22Store Page
Devil Slayer - RaksasiSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
REKT! High Octane StuntsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Azur Lane CrosswaveSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
aMAZE Gears 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Assemble with CareSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Miss Neko 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
GraFi LunarSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Sanguine RoseSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
UnderstandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Minesweeper: CollectorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Cat's KissSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DXSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Peace, Death! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IISteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Soda CrisisSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
OtterettoSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
GunRunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Penumbra: Black Plague Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst HDSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
If My Heart Had WingsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
The SpatialsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Two DigitsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Gnomes GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Project HighriseSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
The Secret Order 3: Ancient TimesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
Stellar TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-21Store Page
MoonlighterSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Darkestville CastleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Death Coming/死神来了Steam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Rocket Assault: Black CitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy BoozeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
American FugitiveSteam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
macdows 95Steam Deck Verified2022-06-21Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-20Store Page
Kao the KangarooSteam Deck Verified2022-06-20Store Page
Cladun X2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-20Store Page
BrawlhallaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-20Store Page
VRChatSteam Deck Verified2022-06-20Store Page
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedSteam Deck Verified2022-06-20Store Page
Counter-StrikeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-18Store Page
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's RevengeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-18Store Page
Symphony of War: The Nephilim SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-18Store Page
The Cat LadySteam Deck Playable2022-06-18Store Page
ARMED SEVENSteam Deck Verified2022-06-18Store Page
Bleed 2Steam Deck Verified2022-06-18Store Page
Empire of EmberSteam Deck Playable2022-06-18Store Page
Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires.Steam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Soviet Jump GameSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
We Become What We Behold [Fan-Made Port]Steam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1Steam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Mask of MistsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
OshiRabu: Waifus Over HusbandosSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Welcome to the Adventurer Inn!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
BALAN WONDERWORLDSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Teamfight ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADESteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
What The Dub?!Steam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Neon WhiteSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Dream Catcher: PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Cat Simulator : Animals on FarmSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Lone McLonegan : A Western AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
PrognosticSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
duamoSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Gamer Girls: Cyberpunk 2069Steam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Cyberpunk FightingSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
100 hidden frogsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Destructor TanksSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Umbra GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
SUKEBE BLOCKSSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Jigsaw Novel - Public Toilet SexSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Banana ShooterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Shotgun King: The Final CheckmateSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Fairy Bloom FreesiaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
IntakeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow WarriorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Dark ScavengerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Putt-Putt® Travels Through TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Putt-Putt® Joins the CircusSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Frederic: Evil Strikes BackSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Graviteam Tactics: Mius-FrontSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Ghost Dogs of Moon LakeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Pyrite HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Fine SweeperSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Ace Of WordsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
AkuaticaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Life in BunkerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Neon SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Mystery Case Files®: 13th Skull™ Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Atlantis: Pearls of the DeepSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Tokyo Tattoo GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
VectonicSteam Deck Verified2022-06-17Store Page
Train Frontier ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
New Gundam BreakerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Havocado: Ragdoll FighterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-17Store Page
Star Drift EvolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
SubverseSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Space ScavengerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Pirates OutlawsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
CrunchTimeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Helheim HassleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Spooky Starlets: Movie MonstersSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Avadon: The Black FortressSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Abomi NationSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
No one lives under the lighthouse Director's cutSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
SOLAS 128Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Patrick's ParaboxSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Unreal 2: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
UnyieldingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Sudoku RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Indies' LiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Jewel Match Solitaire SummertimeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Demons Rise Up!Steam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Deflector: Specimen ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire 3 - Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
FPS Game: Dev TestSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Spirit Hunters: Infinite HordeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Expeditions: ConquistadorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
The Inner WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Chicken Shoot GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
I Want To Be HumanSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
ReassemblySteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
BlackShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Anomaly 1729Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Hybrid BeastsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
The Haunting of Billy ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
New Retro Arcade: NeonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Anno 2070™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Ball 3D: Soccer OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
I Am The HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
IronWolf VRSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Hell GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Return to ZorkSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
WILL: A Wonderful World / WILL:美好世界Steam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
ICY: Frostbite EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Kingdom Two CrownsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Car Demolition ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
[TDA03] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 03 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Another Sight - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Red Dead Redemption 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Monster ViatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Zup! ZSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Pendula Swing - The Complete JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Gordian Rooms 1: A curious heritageSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
We Were Here ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Dread X Collection 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMISteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
INDICTEDSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Evil TonightSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
SoundfallSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Rift AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo - DemoSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
A Visit to FriendsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Dream Girlfriend: Twitch Thot 18+ 💜Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
VEREDA - Mystery Escape Room AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
ReceiverSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Putt-Putt® and Pep's Dog on a StickSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 1Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
MechaNikaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Another Brick in The MallSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
PictopixSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
The Red Strings ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
The Light Keeps Us SafeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Frontlines™: Fuel of War™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Ancient EnemySteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Secret PieSteam Deck Verified2022-06-13Store Page
Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Train Sim World® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
OneShot: Fading MemorySteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
LumencraftSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
PrimordiaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
Small Radios Big TelevisionsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Monster Boy and the Cursed KingdomSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Falnarion TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
Second SightSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Void's Calling ep.1Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Zorya: The Celestial Sisters ™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Animal CafeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-11Store Page
F1® 22Steam Deck Verified2022-06-11Store Page
The Darkest Tales — Into the NightmareSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Titan Attacks!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
WarframeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Fistful of FragsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Bridge Constructor MedievalSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Massive Assault: Phantom RenaissanceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
DoodlerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Pixel Puzzles 2: RADical ROACHSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
JETBOYSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Seals of the BygoneSteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
Potion PartySteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
BOT.vinnik Chess: Opening TrapsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Rocket Bot RoyaleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
ZodiacatsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
ElectricSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday StarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
Late ShiftSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
AgroundSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Mini MatchesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Jewel Puzzle ClickSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Lovely Planet 2: April SkiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the WestwindSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Rogue GlitchSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Alpaca Ball: AllstarsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Expedition ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Move Code LinesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
hexceedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Brigandine The Legend of RunersiaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Iron LungSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Memory Novel - The Sex SaunaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Prison LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Depth Hunter 2: Deep DiveSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Scania Truck Driving SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Euro FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Disney Alice in WonderlandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Secret of the Scarlet HandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Reflex ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Extreme ExorcismSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Pixel Heroes: Byte & MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Plug & PlaySteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Infinitrap Classic: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of EternitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Light FallSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Left AloneSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
GoatPunksSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
SeraphSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
RencounterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Snooker Nation ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Rig n RollSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
KARAKARASteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Lil Big InvasionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Planet DrillerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Fighting Fantasy LegendsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
The Wardrobe - Even Better EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Goo SagaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Crashday Redline EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Sally's LawSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Avenger BirdSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
STAR WARS™ SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Necromunda: Underhive WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Oh...Sir! The Hollywood RoastSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Cosmic ExpressSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Dead DropSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Apocryph: an old-school shooterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Boreal BladeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
This Strange Realm Of MineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
The IslanderSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Objects in SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Deep Space Waifu: FANTASYSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Alchemic CutieSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
METAL DOGSSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Deep Space Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
The Binding of IsaacSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Ghost on the ShoreSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Sims™ 4Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Escape Room - Der kranke KollegeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
SWORD x HIMESteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Paradise LustSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Aquarist - build aquariums, grow fish, develop your business!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
aerofly RC 8Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Sucker for Love: First DateSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
V RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Final ExamSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Fight The DragonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Westerado: Double BarreledSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Resident Evil Revelations 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Resident EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
SacrificeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Nova BlitzSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Umbrella CorpsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Purring QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
RiMESteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Disney Afternoon CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
JYDGESteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage RexSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
HYPERFIGHTSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Age of Empires: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
The Game of Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-06-07Store Page
Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Ben 10: Power TripSteam Deck Playable2022-06-06Store Page
The BunkerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-06Store Page
Rival MegagunSteam Deck Verified2022-06-06Store Page
Fear & HungerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
7 Sexy SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
OrangebloodSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Space Pirates and ZombiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Last StopSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PBA Pro BowlingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Cannibal CuisineSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Customer Cums First!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Seek Girl:Fog ⅠSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PeglinSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
shapezSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
StarsandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
DUSK '82: ULTIMATE EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. CreadSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
My New MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Red Wings: American AcesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Super HexagonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
No More Room in HellSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
10,000,000Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Audiosurf 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Skullgirls 2nd EncoreSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The Typing of The Dead: OverkillSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
BraidSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
MonumentSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Crush Your EnemiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
True Lover's KnotSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Diluvion: ResubmergedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
DisintegrationSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
MageQuitSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: MechanicusSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Metro Sim HustleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Project DownfallSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The ExpendabrosSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
CAT InterstellarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-03Store Page
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Oxygen Not IncludedSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Sacred Sword PrincessesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 3Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Skellboy RefracturedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Heavy Metal BabesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Blacksmith of the Sand KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Sugar * StyleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Nomad SurvivalSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Subject 13Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Templar BattleforceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
SolitairicaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Make It Rain: Love of MoneySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Rise of InsanitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
HARDCORE MECHASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
CINERIS SOMNIASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hentai GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
FIA European Truck Racing ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Lazy Galaxy 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-01Store Page
Snakebird PrimerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Deck of AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Evoland Legendary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Croixleur Sigma - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Shovel Knight ShowdownSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
UNDEFEATEDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Hero's SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
PaperballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Dungeon and PuzzlesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Fear TherapySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
The Journey Down: Chapter TwoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Unlimited EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
The Dark Stone from MebaraSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Pony IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'emSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Evil DefendersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Armored WarfareSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Quest HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Heroine Anthem Zero -Sacrifice-Steam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Trapland 2: CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TrailmakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TT Isle of Man Ride on the EdgeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Fall of Light: Darkest EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Swords and Soldiers HDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
ZeroRangerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Out of Reach: Treasure RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Rally ShowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Silver ChainsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
LightseekersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-30Store Page
You Can Kana - Learn Japanese Hiragana & KatakanaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Spirits AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Aquarium DesignerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Beneath a Steel SkySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01Steam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Ashes of Immortality IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
CLANNAD Side StoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
DEMON'S TILTSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Sundered®: Eldritch EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Maid MansionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Duke Nukem ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
The End Is NighSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
FlatOutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Rogue CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Infected ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
LoveChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Far Cry® New DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
DJMAX RESPECT VSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Wet GirlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
ShippedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Spark the Electric Jester 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TOUHOU SKY ARENA MATSURI CLIMAXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th GuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Pile Up! Box by BoxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Twists of My LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Kyle is Famous: Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Chrono ArkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TaniNaniSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Touhou Endless DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Succubus CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
OnlyFuck - RuRu's AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Citizen SleeperSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
GoBlasterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Hitman: Absolution™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
STRIDER™ / ストライダー飛竜®Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
NOT A HEROSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Putt-Putt® Joins the ParadeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
MDKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Risen 2: Dark WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Samorost 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
AdVenture CommunistSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Quell ZenSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Monster SlayersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Rosenkreuzstilette FreudenstachelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Drunk-Fu: Wasted MastersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Darkness IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
DraugenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Freedom Force vs. the Third ReichSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Vision Soft ResetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Speed LimitSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
The Ambassador: Fractured TimelinesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Breach WanderersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Cube Racer 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Operation Airsoft BetaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Livestream: Escape from Hotel IzanamiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
CreaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kathy RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Through Abandoned: The Underground CitySteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Bit Blaster XLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
WildermythSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kawaii Deathu DesuSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Pixel Puzzle Makeout LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Coloring Game 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
AnuchardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TD: EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Game Dev TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Grey GooSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Blast-offSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idling to Rule the GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Farm Manager 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Aim HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Pure Farming 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
MirrorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Hitman: Blood MoneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Cultist SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Juicy RealmSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
HELLGATE: LondonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
The ComplexSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion KingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked WoodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Pretty AngelSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Sakura Gamer 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil VillageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Idle SlayerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XVSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's ChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Deepest SwordSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST PLANET® 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
PULSAR: Lost ColonySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Serious Sam 4Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
REVOLVER360 RE:ACTORSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DeathsmilesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Mega Man Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
htoL#NiQ: The Firefly DiarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
X4: FoundationsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Hyperdrive MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST SPHEARSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
A Rose in the TwilightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
World War Z: AftermathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
TemtemSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Plane Mechanic SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Prison SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Overcooked! All You Can EatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
One Hand ClappingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-23Store Page
Esports Life TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
Songbird SymphonySteam Deck Verified2022-05-22Store Page
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's RevengeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
YngletSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Citizens of SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
VirtuaVerseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Shank 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Chromosome EvilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
New Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
DeleveledSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
StelaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Murder HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Kindergarten 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Meteorfall: Krumit's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
198XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. DRILLER DrillLandSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Iris and the GiantSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Academy: The First RiddleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Fox AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon walled citySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Hopp's PlayhouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Ashmedai: Queen of LustSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
IwaihimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Red Dead OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Magical Waifus AcademySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Perfect Heist 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Forest GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
卡牌缔造者-CardMakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
tERRORbaneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
MotoGP™22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Treasure TemplesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dark Eye: Chains of SatinavSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
WaveformSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Danmaku Unlimited 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Heavy Metal MachinesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Halcyon 6: Starbase CommanderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Insanity ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Junk JackSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Tempest: Pirate Action RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Dad QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Cube RunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dig®Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
AFTERGRINDERSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Broken RealitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Void BastardsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
POLYBIUSSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Second ChanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Lost in VivoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Terrible LaboratorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
What The ForkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Drink More GlurpSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
New WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Beyond a Steel SkySteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Door in the WoodsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Radical Rabbit StewSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
LabyrinthineSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Arx FatalisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Far Cry® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Super Trench Attack!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Duck GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
The DwarvesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Dead Space™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Sneak ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Pretty Girls Panic!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
FAR: Lone SailsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
while True: learn()Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fission Superstar XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Outward Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
STAR WARS™ Episode I RacerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fishing Sim World®: Pro TourSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
CRSED: F.O.A.D.Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Train Station RenovationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
SanctumSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
LOVE³ -Love Cube-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed IslandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Gladiator Guild ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Erannorth RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Dream CycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Eonica Chess BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
WishSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Coloring Game 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TaurSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Queen's GlorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TasteMakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
[TDA00] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 00 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Ignited Steel: Mech TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Midnight DriverSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Noob - Les Sans-FactionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Christmas MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Samurai BringerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
GatewaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Penumbra OvertureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Castle In The DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BlockstormSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
RADical ROACH RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
The BallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ThumperSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
World to the WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Alone in the Dark 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ECHOSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BarotraumaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
THE LAST BLADE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Lucy Got ProblemsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Idle Kingdom BuilderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Godfall Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
CrumbleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Dark LightSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Sky CannoneerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Catgirl & Doggirl CafeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
KingSimSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Vampire's Fall: OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Danger ScavengerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
港詭實錄ParanormalHKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fleeting IrisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dice LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Escape DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Third CrisisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
STRIKERS 1945Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Black Geyser: Couriers of DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chevalier HistorieSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
YUMESteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Märchen ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Plague BreakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
The Shadow of YidhraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Pixel Cup Soccer - Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
H-Isekai LovesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
JIJImago(old & young)RPGminiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Out of the Park Baseball 23Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chasing SunsetsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Renryuu: AscensionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Downfall - A Slay the Spire Fan ExpansionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iron Sky: InvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Full Mojo RampageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assault Android Cactus+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
NihilumbraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Breach & ClearSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Far Cry® 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Oscura: Lost LightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Disney's Chicken LittleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: ChinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Cursed SightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Slain: Back from HellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Epistory - Typing ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
DownwardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Long Gone DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey / フィリスのアトリエ ~不思議な旅の錬金術士~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dying Light 2 Stay HumanSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dino Dini's Kick Off™ Revival - Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
古剑奇谭(GuJian)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
King's Bounty: CrossworldsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Total Tank SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
State of War : Warmonger / 蓝色警戒 (Classic 2000)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Season's BeatingsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Terraforming MarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Bane of AsphodelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou: Scarlet CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fate SeekerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iris.FallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dreamwalker: Never Fall AsleepSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA SIN VIERSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Strategic Mind: The PacificSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
RB: AxolotlSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
FilamentSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Murder by NumbersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Steamy SextetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VoxelgramSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
AshenForestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VecterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Sex with the DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tavern of GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Dungeon OverseerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tame It!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
九州战歌Steam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
DuckTales: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Day of DefeatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Medieval DynastySteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
STAR WARS™: SquadronsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
FALL IN LABYRINTHSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
疯狂炮炮捕鱼Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Eggcelerate!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Beatbuddy: Tale of the GuardiansSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Risk of RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
F1 2015Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black OpsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Project RhombusSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
The Beast InsideSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
SpaceChemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Cavity BustersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Jitsu SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Hitchhiker - A Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
DemonizerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WitchcraftySteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Heroes Of Maidan 3: Crimean BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
The Catch: Carp & Coarse FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Ghostbusters: The Video Game RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Waifu Discovered 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Witch 2 Hell AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Karryn's PrisonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Avernum: Escape From the PitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rogue WarriorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
AnachronoxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Blood KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
MX vs. ATV Supercross EncoreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
House of the Dying SunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WindscapeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
DUCATI - 90th AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Crypt of the Serpent KingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
8-Bit Invaders!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Panty PartySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Void MemorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
We. The RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Black Future '88Steam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
PaunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
CONCLUSESteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rise of CrustaceansSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Torchlight IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VASARA CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam Double D XXLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Star FetchersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Project RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Blue ShiftSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
PengoRoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Viticulture Essential EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
KisekimuraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Who's Lila?Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
The ForgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
FURRY SEX: Cabaret 💋🔞Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
PROJECT: HalloweenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
You Will (Not) RemainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serena: Dark confessionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Knightfall: A Daring JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
LocoCycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Retro Game CrunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VaganteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
EmberSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Armed with Wings: RearmedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Zero Punctuation: Hatfall - Hatters Gonna Hat EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
12 is Better Than 6Steam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
DashBoredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Opposing ForceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
New York Mysteries: The Lantern of SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Please, Don't Touch Anything 3DSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
MinimalismSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Healer's QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam: TormentalSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
428: Shibuya ScrambleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
HammerHelmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
ZombotronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Runes of MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Creature in the WellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Chicken Police - Paint it RED!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Shing!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Vaporum: LockdownSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Path of GiantsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
ATRI -My Dear Moments-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Days GoneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Kill It With Fire: IgnitionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Card SharkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Mech ArmadaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Mr.MineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ghostwire: TokyoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Curiosaurios Club. Un viaje espacialSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Chicken Invaders UniverseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ComPressureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
JoyspringSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:KuroiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
CombotsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
NSFW StudioSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:BFSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Didnapper 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Far Cry 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Deadfall AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
1954 AlcatrazSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Hero and Daughter+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Assassin's Creed® UnitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black Ops IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Double Dragon TrilogySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Deadly Tower of MonstersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ObliteracersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Circuit BreakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
POSTAL ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
8-Bit ArmiesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Riptide GP: RenegadeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
World of Tanks BlitzSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Zaccaria PinballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
MontaroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Blade StrangersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Hand of MerlinSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
BugsnaxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Fox HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Lumberjack SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
OCTOPATH TRAVELER™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Back 4 BloodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ary and the Secret of SeasonsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite CombateSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Trigon: Space StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Summer with Mia Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
ShanheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
MimpiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Peaky Blinders: MastermindSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
MXGP 2019 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
TokiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Réussir : Code de la Route - Nouvelle Édition (French Highway Code)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Ember KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Chinatown Detective AgencySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
StoneflySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GleamlightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Shady Lewd KartSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Knock HarderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GUNBIRDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lelie Navigation!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Trek to YomiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Fox Girls Never Play DirtySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GodstrikeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Beyond Good and Evil™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
OMFG: One Million Fatal GunsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Leenie BoogSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Crystal ProjectSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Jerma & Otto: The Curse of the Late StreamerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Genderbend Me! Sayonara Demon DongSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
There Is No Light 616Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lost Alone Ep.1 - SorellinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
그레텔과 윈슬로의 별장Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Serious Sam: Siberian MayhemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blue Fire: Void MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Motorbike Traffic SplashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
UDONGEIN XSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
YTBBSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OnlyFap Simulator 💦Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
PAC-MAN MUSEUM™Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Samurai GunnSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Bound By FlameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Dino Run DXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HalfwaySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HexcellsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
ShiftlingsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SoccertronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Adam's Venture: OriginsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
ChromaGunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Children of ZodiarcsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
UBERMOSH:BLACKSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Holobunnies: Pause CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
SpikitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Serial CleanerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Rose of WinterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blazing ChromeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
The Norwood SuiteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
11-11 Memories RetoldSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
RIDE 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
BuggosSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Swimsanity!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Epic Skater 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
NASCAR Heat 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OverdungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Doom & Destiny WorldsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
VeninethSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SYNTHETIK: ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Phantom PathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Exit the GungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Farming Simulator 22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Cat Cafe ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Assassin's Creed Freedom CrySteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
EronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
SimplePlanesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Sad Story of Emmeline BurnsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Little Nightmares IISteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Last CampfireSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Merchant of the SkiesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RetroMania WrestlingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Street Power FootballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
DestropolisSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mightyy's FPS Aim TrainerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Godlike BurgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Traitors in SalemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Potato Flowers in Full BloomSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Out Bike the Tsunami™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Baldo: The Guardian OwlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Boxing Club ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crow StorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Fish StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Dungeon Runner XZSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Traction ControlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
The Odyssey of the MammothSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Guns of Icarus OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
GraviSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
ToribashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Corpse PartySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Gods Will Be WatchingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
A Boy and His BlobSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon World™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Kero BlasterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
NEON STRUCTSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Death Skid MarksSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crash Drive 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Natural SoccerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
The Franz Kafka VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mushroom WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Koihime Enbu 恋姫†演武Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Guns N' BoxesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Princess Maker Go!Go! PrincessSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Just Ski+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
1 Screen PlatformerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Headliner: NoviNewsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Melvor IdleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Red AlgorithmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Super SwitchSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Wave BreakSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Strange Night llSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Neo CabSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
The Stillness of the WindSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
In Other WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Kara no ShojoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
LamentumSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Falcon AgeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LOST EGGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
My Vow to My LiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Natsuki ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
YesterMorrowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Planet CrafterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Oblivity - Find your perfect SensitivitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Succubus★Connect!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Escape SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Alice in Wonderland - a jigsaw puzzle taleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
SUPER DRINK BROS.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Dwarf JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Eternal Cave EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Beholder 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Paint Drying SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Dexter Stardust : Adventures in Outer SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Ys IX -Monstrum NOX-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ChezzleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
MathletixSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LeningradSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned kingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
World SeedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
BouldeurdacheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
SQUID GIRLS 18+Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
IbSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Lootbox RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
StacklandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Painkiller Hell & DamnationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Stanley ParableSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ContrastSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
DistanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
I Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Among the Sleep - Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted LandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Impossible GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Golf ClubSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05