We Are Trying Out PeerTube

Just a quick announcement, you may have noticed that for a few articles we have published our videos as PeerTube embeds. This is an experiment for now, but it looks like it’s working out reasonably well. Note that our Youtube channel will also remain active and up to date, but treated as a “backup” of the PeerTube channel from now on.

You can find our PeerTube channel here, and I encourage you to subscribe.

In case you are wondering why we made this move:

  • I have complained before about the fact that there’s not much content worth watching on PeerTube as a network, so I might as well contribute something there and hope it grows a little.
  • When it comes to uploading videos, PeerTube is a joy to use and a lot more straightforward than YouTube with its bazillions of options and “is that for children??? is it OK to show to my 2 years old?” ridiculous regulatory checks.
  • Everyone benefits by putting less stake in uber-centralized networks like YouTube – you are never safe from a random ban or takedown.
  • Of course, PeerTube is FOSS and decentralized – that’s definitely putting it up in the options to host content out there outside of YouTube.
  • It’s also part of ActivityPub that acts as a decentralized network for numerous initiatives like Mastodon as a Twitter alternative.

There are many places where you can upload video on the PeerTube network, and they have different rules and content that they allow/promote. I found that the Linuxrocks PeerTube instance is probably the best place, topic-wise, to host our content for now.

We would like also to encourage all the content creators out there (especially in the Linux space) to consider contributing what they do to some PeerTube instance (on top of what they do already on YouTube) as there is virtually no downside in doing so (PeerTube can import videos from YouTube directly as well).

Let’s build a more resilient future.

It seems like this piece of news has appeared on HN, so feel free to comment there as well.

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