The Odroid-GO Advance Gets an Upgrade


What has possibly been the best handheld Linux/emulation device of 2020 so far will be getting even better, thanks to the hardware additions that Hardkernel has made to the Odroid-GO Advance.

According to the news post in the Odroid forums, the upgrade will be called the Odroid-GO Advance: Black Edition (OGA-BE) and will feature the following improvements, due to user feedback:

  • L2/R2 shoulder buttons – this will be great for certain PSX titles that require it
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • USB-C port for charging, rather than the tiny jack from the original model
  • A choice between a black-colored shell or the same transparent shell from the original

The PCB will also now be black in contrast to the white color in the previous model. The post goes on to mention that driver support for the additional L2/R2 shoulder buttons and Wi-Fi have already been incorporated into Hardkernel’s kernel source repository, and a new Ubuntu 20.04 image will be made specifically for these changes later this week or next. The image will still be compatible with the original OGA.

The asking price, due to the addition of the Wi-Fi module and shoulder buttons, has been upped by $4 (from $55 to $59). I really can’t see anyone complain about that – it’s still heck of a great buy for what you’re getting – but if anyone still wants the original version, no details have been provided by Hardkernel in regards to whether it will still be in stock.

While I was hoping for a slight upgrade to the CPU and GPU, in order to play the more tougher-to-emulate PSP titles, I definitely welcome all the other changes that have been made.

Orders are expected to start shipping from May 25th at the earliest. If we go to the Hardkernel store, it still lists the original OGA – which is out of stock – so I’m not sure if or when that page will get updated for pre-orders for the Black Edition. For more information and photos of OGA-BE, check the forum post.

What are your thoughts on the OGA-BE? Will you buy it? Let me know!

Photos courtesy of Hardkernel