Valve Has Unloaded a Truckload of Games for the Deck in the Past Week

Valve is not just speeding up the production of the Steam Deck – they have just announced that everyone who has pre-ordered until now should get their Steam Deck within this year – but also the number of games validated for the platform. We have passed not long ago the 4000 games milestone, and in just a few days they have added a truckload of games – more than 300. We are now at the following point:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 1943 titles
  • Steam Deck Playable: 2360 titles

Total: 4303 titles

The recent increase is very visible on the daily addition chart:

Valve Has Unloaded a Truckload of Games for the Deck in the Past Week

as well as on the daily increase over time: look at that peak!

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Let’s see a few titles that have been added lately:

You can also find the exhaustive list on the following page, newly created to reflect the latest status for all games that are either playable or verified until now.


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