Top New Games You Can Play With Proton Since Mar. 2021

century age of ashes works on Proton

Already April – it’s a rainy day here, so I thought I might as well give everyone the usual monthly update! Boiling Steam looks at the latest data dumps from ProtonDB to give you a quick list of new games that work (pretty much?) perfectly with Proton since March 2021 – the Median rating indicates that games work either out of the box (5) or well enough with tweaks (4):

RankTitlenMedian Rating
1The Tenants35
2Loop Hero (Native client also available)35
4Century: Age of Ashes35

Century: Age of Ashes is a Free to Play title that you might want to try out. It reminds me of Panzer Dragoon with a mix of Dragon Strike (old SSI title). Loop Hero has a native client as well as you may remember that Podiki has recently shared his impressions about it. Apparently some folks has issues to run it natively, but turns out it works just as well in Proton.

And now here’s our monthly video showing all these very nice titles in one go:

You can also watch the very same video on Youtube in case the link above does not work well.

Two more things to share with you – the following games are not new, but were reported for the first time in March 2021, so you might want to know that they work:

Since Proton 6.3 was out very recently, I am pretty sure we will see an increase of reports in April 2021. See you next month!

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