Loop Hero: The New Indie Hit

Loop Hero is the new indie hit, having celebrated an astounding 500k players just a week after its release earlier this month. Loop Hero nails that old school aesthetic in its look, feel, and sound, matched by a compelling gameplay loop (sorry). And it has a native Linux version.

What is Loop Hero exactly and how does it play? Find out in my video overview and impressions below, or keep reading if you prefer your moving images summarized in short text form.

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Loop Hero is a combination of genres with cards/deck building, roguelike, strategy, auto-battler, and more. Your hero is trapped on a loop, walking around and fighting monsters that spawn on the loop. You play cards to change the world and spawn these enemies for loot and resources. Use the resources to upgrade and unlock cards and bonuses from the persistent campsite. There are multiple classes, lots of loot to make your hero stronger, and the mystery of the destroyed world to uncover.

The game features that retro pixel graphics look and a great chiptunes soundtrack. The gameplay can be relaxed with battles playing themselves and ability to pause to play cards in between fights, though quickly it becomes tense. You must balance the reward of continuing for more resources and loot versus the risk of death with each loop around becoming more difficult, in quickly compulsive gameplay.

Loop Hero works great on Linux, with just a minor bug of the window starting up in a smaller size than I set it to. I wouldn’t mind options for a faster pace of walking and fighting, as before long you want to reach the later stages. The game could also use some more explanation on certain mechanics and gear stats, though I do enjoy the mystery and discovery of different game mechanics.

Overall a fun and addicting game so far, and looking forward to playing more and sharing a full review soon!

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