Top 20 New Games Reported in ProtonDB in December

Yep, I am still busy looking at the data from ProtonDB. Why? Well… that’s the stuff I like to look at, and there’s always new ways to look at data that provide new findings. This time around, I checked what titles were reported for the first time in ProtonDB during December 2018. This is also interesting for me to discover new games I was not even aware of! You will see below the NEW titles that received the largest amount of reports, along with the number of “Good”/”Platinum” ratings they received in the same month.

1Just Cause 496
5Katamari Damacy REROLL62
6Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden60
8Bladed Fury42
9Edge Of Eternity40
10Epic Battle Fantasy 541
12Lost in Vivo40
15The Snowboard Game32
16TY the Tasmanian Tiger33
17Unit 432
19A Blind Legend22

This is how I learnt about Katamari Damacy REROLL. I completely missed the fact that it was released in December on PC for the first time! I just purchased it earlier today, and it works very well. The only issue is that the devs are a little anal as they make you go thru 15 minutes of tutorial before you can change any of the graphical settings… so you start in a small window. This kind of details make me want to scream but hey, it’s not like QA in video games is actually a thing! (Pro tip: play with a Xbox360 controller and make the Controller configuration as “forced off”).

As you may have heard as well, Just Cause 4 works about perfectly on Linux with Proton. It’s not the case for Just Cause 3 though!

Edge of Eternity is not working too well yet on Proton, but it’s a Xbox360 game I used to play like… 10 years ago I guess? It was quite fun and I am looking forward to the day it plays perfectly.

Bladed Fury is an action game taking place in ancient China. It was my first time hearing about it as well, yet it looks like it runs well for most respondents who tried it.

That’s it for now. If you know more about other games in the list that deserve a mention, feel free to let everyone know in the comments!

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Thanks for doing all these ProtonDB statistical deep dives. I love them!

Seeing a list like this is a reminder, though, that I obviously have very different gaming tastes than many other gamers. Now sure of anything there I’d ever want to play! I’m glad gaming is a big tent.


WOW! I did not know that there is a Katamari game on steam! (will be buying that the moment I get home!!!)

great article as usual! thanks.