A Word Cloud to Describe Proton


Following my last post on the December 2018 analysis of the ProtonDB data, I went through the free text comments (i.e. what people actually wrote about the performance of the game they tried with Proton), and based on 3541 comments, comprising more than 47 000 different words (after removing stopwords like “the”, “at” and the like), I created this little wordcloud of the most popular terms. The bigger the word, the more frequently it was used in the dataset.

a wordcloud to describe Proton - Dec 2018.

What do we see? Well, that the most common terms (note that I removed “game” and “steam” intentionally from that list), are positive and relate to games “working”, “running”, sometimes “perfectly”. Of course, there’s clearly “issues” and “crashes” visible as well but from a bird’s eye view it looks like more positive than negative.

I will probably include that from now on in every monthly dump - if something pops up we may see some visible changes in the word cloud.