Top 1000 Games on Steam: 73% (735) Working on Steam Deck


Today we are checking how many games from the Top 1000 (most popular) games on Steam (as of January 7th 2024) are actually working on the Steam Deck. The data is collected directly from Steam’s real time statistics, and from the official status of the Steam Deck verification from Steam itself as well.

Top 1000 and the Steam Deck

We end up with the following:

  • Steam Deck Verified Games: 266 (26.6 %)
  • Steam Deck Playable Games: 469 (46.9 %)
  • Steam Deck Unsupported Games: 210 (21.0 %)
  • Rating TBC: 40 (4 %)

This means we have 735 games that are working on the Steam Deck currently (73.5 %) but another thing that’s very impressive is that the coverage of the top 1000 games in terms of testing is very extensive, with only 4% of games missing a rating.

Another huge surprise is how much this percentage has increased. Earlier in 2023, we checked the same data, and the percentage of games working on the Steam Deck was only at 38%! This represents a huge progress to make sure that the games that matter to most gamers are well tested for the Steam Deck.

Since you’d probably find it boring to explore of Top 1000 inside a long table in this article, we are attaching a CSV file of the Top 1000 games and their Steam Deck verification status that you can use to explore the results by yourselves. In case you this anywhere else, please credit Boiling Steam accordingly. Note that the release date column is unfortunately fairly incomplete, not standardized and therefore not usable.

Here are in decreasing order of popularity some of the titles released in 2023 which are Playable or Verified on the Steam Deck. This may give you some ideas in case you are looking for another game to do on your Deck!

Note that Ready or Not - a SWAT game - was very recently released (late December 2023) and was already rated as Playable for the Steam Deck.

We will keep tracking stats related to the Steam Deck, so stay tuned!