Top 7 New Games You Can Play on Linux with Proton – January 2024 Edition


Happy New Year 2024 Everyone! We are back with our usual monthly update. Boiling Steam looks at the latest data dumps from ProtonDB to give you a quick list of new games that work (pretty much? see ratings) perfectly with Proton since they were released in December 2023 – all of them work out of the box or well enough with tweaks:

Here’s our new video showcasing all of these games one by one:

You can also watch the above video on Peertube, if you prefer.

You can find more information about each title below:

(the) Gnorp Apologue:

(the) Gnorp Apologue on Steam

(the) Gnorp Apologue is the journey of the gnorps as you guide them towards their goal of delightfully excessive wealth accumulation.

Mind Over Magic:

Mind Over Magic on Steam

Design, build and manage your magic school to explore what lies below. Study lost arcana, grow exotic plants, brew potions, and raise undead servants – only you can prepare your fragile students to harness their Mind Over Magic.

One-armed robber:

One-armed robber on Steam

One-armed robber is a chaotic first-person heist game that centers around a uniquely challenging premise. Players take the role of a determined robber equipped with only one arm, tasked with pulling off daring heists on banks, shops, and various establishments.

A Highland Song:

A Highland Song on Steam

Moira McKinnon is running away. A wild adventure through the Scottish Highlands, with open platforming and dynamic storytelling, maps and music. From the creators of Heaven’s Vault and 80 Days.

Make Way:

Make Way on Steam

Speed around loops, dart through train crossings, drift around helter skelters, and unleash wacky weaponry in this modern take on classic top-down multiplayer racing games. The twist? You build the track.


Sledders on Steam

Rev’ up your sled & dive into fresh powder in Sledders! Realistic, physics-based snowmobile simulator in backcountries full of deep snow. Ride with and against your friends in online multiplayer. Can you reach the peak before others? Show off your sled-skills now on Sledders.


Snacko on Steam

Set out for a new life away from the city to rebuild a town from scratch. Decorate, collect, produce, and befriend in this cat-ivating life sim!

See you again in February 2024 for a new report!