The Steam Deck Will Be Sold in Kyoto, Japan, Just for This Weekend


Just noticed on Twitter that Komodo is advertising the fact that the Steam Deck will have another event at a physical store - but this time in Kyoto, Japan, and just for this weekend. It will be once again in the Edion chain, just like in Osaka a few months back. Here’s the poster for the event:

It will be in the Kawaramachi area which is a very lively quarter of Kyoto (very touristy too), and they will apparently replicate the setup they had before in Osaka with units available for hands-on experience on 2 different floors, in the first basement as well as the second floor.

Note that next week is also the week of the BitSummit 2023 in Kyoto, one of the largest indie games festival in Japan, and this may be a very good timing to have both of them happening in the same week.

Not sure if I will do any actual reporting live this time, but if I hear something interesting from people I know in the area, I will keep you posted.