TGS 2022 Day 1 – The Steam Deck Booth

Here’s a quick series of photos and videos of the Steam Deck Booth that were shared online with the first day of the Tokyo Games Show 2022 (aka TGS 2022) where the Steam Deck had a huge presence.

The Steam Deck Booth Seen From The Outside

As pictured before the show, it features a huge Steam Deck that doubles as a huge screen to attract people from far away in the show. Make no mistake, this Deck is huge and shows how big the booth actually was.

Inside the Booth

You could find information about the games showcased on the Deck (more than 20) and a long series of Steam Decks aligned in the center. On the side, you had two seats to try out the Deck connected on larger screens.

The Decks

Here’s what was displayed and how the Deck was used in the show:

And surprise… the Dock exists! Clearly displayed here in the show.

Showcasing that the Deck has no problem connecting USB controllers out of the box to play fighting games with proper arcade sticks.

And an army of Steam Deck waiting to be tried by the visitors…

Trying out the Steam Deck

Below are pictures and a few videos taken by Japanese gamers (press people) who tried out the Steam Deck at the show.

Those were usually accompanied with comments such as:

  • The Steam Deck is great, I’m so glad I could touch it today and I can’t wait to get one
  • The Steam Deck was awesome
  • The Steam Deck is big but it’s great to play on it
  • The Steam Deck is great but it’s going to be expensive especially as the Japanese Yen is going down currently.

Overall the impression I got from the ones who shared their feelings was very positive. Now we need to wait for non-professionals to also try out the unit (that will be during the weekend) and see if they share the same feelings about this piece of hardware!

The Deck could also been seen on a different booth, on SEGA/ATLUS! Great to see some additional exposure provided by other publishers.

Let’s finish with Lawrence Yang (center) from Valve taking the train towards the TGS in the morning and showing off his Steam Deck before anyone else in Japan can hope to get it… he’s the one responsible for the Steam Pal mascot we just talked about yesterday.

And yes, in case you were wondering, people still wear masks in Japan everywhere because of COVID19. It’s been more than 2 years now.

You can find the sources for all of the above in this huge ass list of links:

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