Survey Q2 2021 Raw Data


Back in April we released the first Linux Gamers survey of this year, and we have since then covered numerous topics using the survey results as a data source, such as:

While there are still a few articles coming up, today we are releasing the raw data for everyone to explore and use. Note that this is not the full dataset, but this represents most of it. 94% of respondents actually agreed to have their data shared.

You will find the dataset on our gitlab account here on its own repository.

There are two files (apart from the README) in this repository:

  • survey_structure_document.csv is a simple CSV file listing the overall structure of the questionaire, and more important the link between the question code and the actual question. The column “questions” is the actual question shown in the survey. The column “order” confirms the order seen by respondents. The column “part” is a simple category to describe the different parts of the survey. Finally, the last column “removed” mentions is a specific column was removed or not from the survey raw data.

  • survey_data.csv is the raw data in CSV format. The questions are coded here. You need to refer to the survey_structure_document to understand the meaning of the coding. For example, q2 is about the rough location of the respondent.

The survey covers roughly the following topics:

  • Demographics
  • Gaming in general
  • Linux gaming: hardware
  • Linux gaming: distro
  • Linux gaming: dual booting
  • Linux gaming: GPU choice
  • Linux gaming: proton
  • Linux gaming: awareness of tools
  • Linux gaming: awareness of software
  • Linux gaming: awareness of hardware vendors
  • Foss
  • Purchasing games: stores
  • Purchasing games: linux support
  • Purchasing games: number of games on steam
  • Linux gaming: satisfaction
  • Looking forward
  • Cloud gaming
  • VR
  • Sharing consent

If you conduct any kind of analysis on this dataset, feel free to let us know so that we can also share it with everyone. Many thanks again for everyone who participated in the survey!