Steam Deck Input Interface Leaked


As planned, the leaks continue as we reach the launch window of the Steam Deck. Today’s leak is brought again by another video from the same Chinese developer source which leaked the GPU Settings screen not too long ago. This time you get to see the Steam Input interface on the Steam Deck.

You can see the following info:

First the kernel is disclosed in the early part:

It uses a customized kernel, built with LLVM, and is currently based on 5.13 apparently. We don’t know more details but knowing Valve they probably have set their own tweaks to get the most performance out of this hardware.

Next, you only see it for a second or so, but you have a quick overview of the control settings screen:

Just like in the current Steam interface, we can see that external controllers are supported by default, such as the Dual Shock controllers, the Xbox controllers and even the Switch Pro ones.

The developer goes on to show how the trackpads handle mouse movement, in a chinese game, using finger gestures - this is very similar from what you would expect if you are used to the Steam Controller:

The real meat in terms of new info is the new steam input interface, diclosed here after the user presses the Steam button on the left side.

It’s probably still work in progress. We can see the following:

  • the back paddles are referred to as L4, L5 on the left and R4, R5 on the right.
  • You can customize the trackpad functionality just like for the Steam Controller. Now the real question is whether Steam Controller configurations will work by default on the Deck or if new ones will have to be recreated.
  • The additional hardware buttons (“Steam”, and “…”) cannot apparently be remapped, which makes sense, as they will probably be used to access menus from anywhere.

There also seems to be a second screen for Steam Input settings, as suggested at the top of that screen, but we do not get to see it.

That’s all for today!