Publishing the Data of our Last Linux Gamers Survey


It’s been a while since we conducted our last survey (March 2016 actually!) and we have still not published the full analysis - unfortunately this kind of things takes time, and while we have not given up on releasing a complete overview of the result. However, in that last survey we have specifically asked folks if they wanted to publicly share their answers at the very end of the survey (the first time we did ask that).

Net, about 70% of the respondents agreed to do it (many thanks to all of you who agreed to do that!), and you now have a pretty good sample (n-560) of answers collected in a single data set on Kaggle and github. It is anonymous and covers a bunch of topics, as per the previous surveys we conducted, such as…

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Family Situation
  • OS used for Work and at Home
  • Linux Usage experience
  • Linux Gaming Experience
  • Type of Gamer (Hardcore or not)
  • Playing Exclusively on Linux or not
  • Time spent Playing per week
  • Budget spent on Linux Games per month
  • Games played recently
  • Games Bought recently
  • Hardware GPU for Gaming
  • Hardware GPU Model
  • General Hardware at Home using Linux
  • Usage of Resellers (Steam, GOG, HumbleBundle)
  • Satisfaction of different Resellers
  • Awareness of Steam Machines
  • Awareness of Steam Controller, Steam Link
  • Intent of Purchase of Steam Machines
  • Intent of Building Steam Machine DIY
  • SteamOS and opinion towards it
  • General feeling towards future of Linux
  • Stance about DRM
  • Stance about WINE
  • WINE usage and satisfaction

and more, much more… !

So while this data is not super fresh anymore, it’s not super old either and some questions related to one’s stance on particular topics are probably relatively stable. You are welcome to have a look on Kaggle (and also on github if you don’t want to create any account), where we published it, to analyze the dataset in the meantime.

There are a bunch of ways you can look at it so we hope that you can have fun with it (just reading the free text comments is worth its own share of gold! Some are quite funny actually).

We released the data using the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. Please be mindful of respecting its restrictions if you decide to do something with it.

So, we are looking forward to seeing what you folks do with it! On a side note, we will be back soon with a revised survey (and a couple of surprises related to it), so this is certainly not the last dataset we plan to share (as long as respondents agree to make answers public).