Proton Deals: A New Service for Linux Gamers

If you are anything like me, you probably check deals for Steam games on a regular basis across different sources – after all, why buy games at full price if you can get them discounted? I also like having a look at deals periodically since it helps me discover games I have not heard about before.

The problem with deals (outside of the Steam store), is that it can be time consuming and tedious to find the best ones and check ProtonDB afterwards to ensure the game also works well on Linux. It’s 2020, and there is a good number of games that work out of the box, but as you know, Proton is not a perfect compatibility layer for all titles out there yet.

So we are introducing Proton Deals, a newsletter service which crawls for the best deals for Steam keys out there (and not just sold on Steam, but on other stores like Fanatical, Gameplanet, and more…), cross-references them with the ProtonDB ratings, and filters them out to make them as relevant as possible (removing the ones that have very poor compatibility, for example). Here’s what it looks like. Note that the “PROTON:” descriptions directly link to ProtonDB for more information about compatibility.

This service is offered from now on to our Patreon supporters (yes, we are just back on Patreon!). As you know, we don’t like covering our pages with ads. Instead, we think that our most faithful readers will appreciate this service and actually SAVE money and TIME, while helping us at the same time. The best of both worlds, really.

We offer three tier levels for you to access Proton Deals:

  • 2$ per month: will get you once Proton Deals newsletter per week
  • 5$ per month: will get you it delivered to you twice a week. Since some deals only last for a few days, there is less chance you would miss anything this way. We will also give you an additional monthly newsletter where we talk about our next articles and plans.
  • 10$ per month: Proton Deals twice a week, the monthly newsletter, and the ability to request specific articles/features for us to cover.

Since everything is Proton-related, the stores’ offerings will be keys to activate on Steam. Please do check for potential region restrictions if you are not based in the US.

We are pleased to announce that the first Proton Deals Newsletter is available today, for all new Patreon supporters above 2$. We would love to hear your feedback as we go and keep improving our offering.

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