Our Fourth Podcast with Cheese, Porter on DOTT Remastered

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to get some time with Cheese (based in Australia), who worked on the recent port of Day of the Tentactle Remastered by Double Fine. We actually ended talking for a very long time (Cheese is very talkative, but that’s great because most of what he talks about is really interesting and insightful) so his podcast is just a short, edited version of the bits we found the most relevant to share with you.

Since Day of the Tentacle Remastered was the first port of Cheese (while he was already involved in Linux game development for a long time), it was a great opportunity to learn more about how you should approach porting and games packaging for Linux. He had already provided some great amount of details in his blog post, and I wanted to go a little further with this podcast on some particular points.

You can grab the podcast below, or open it directly from your browser. There’s a feed as well for all episodes.
Download file | Play in new window | RSS Podcast Feed | Duration: 1:21:56 | Size: 104.67M | Recorded on August 19, 2016

A temporary image (by Cheese) displayed when Linux users tried to launch DOTT before its actual release.

Here are a couple of links related to the topics covered in the podcast – since Cheese is a podcaster and blogger himself, there are some links to some of his previous talks if you want to dive in more details in some of the stuff we talked about:

We hope you enjoyed this episode. Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you are interested in learning more about what Cheese does, I’d recommend checking his Youtube channel. Cheese is often one of the hosts of the SteamLUG Cast, too.

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[…] Our Fourth Podcast with Cheese, Porter on DOTT Remastered […]


Why not use OGG for encoding guys?
MP3 should die!
Keep it up! 🙂


I understand,
but at the same time that sounds a bit like “We don’t plan to support our game on GNU/Linux because everybody runs MS/Windows anyway”
Well it’s not exactly the same, not trying to argue. Just pointing out that in order to make a technology successful, you have to make concessions sometimes.


That would be awesome. 😉