Rocket League Is About to Ship... in Beta


I did not really feel like doing a post for this, but since we have covered in length the ridiculousness of Rocket League and its multiple delays and ongoing hype, we shall at least put it to rest since the game has been formerly announced to release on Linux this Thursday, according to a recent blog post:

After several weeks of build-up, we’re pleased to announce that the highly-anticipated Rocket League Rumble update will be hitting next Thursday, September 8! […] After several delays (and our sincerest apologies about that, btw), the SteamOS and Mac versions of the game will finally be available for download. An important thing to note, however, is that both versions are still considered “beta,” with a handful of known issues that we’ve detailed below. It should also be said that while other Linux platforms may work, the SteamOS version of the game is the only Linux client that we’re “officially” supporting during the beta period.

First, let me share you the rumble trailer update below…

And now for why the port release is still considered “beta”:

  • The correct store page for DLC purchased through the Showroom doesn’t show up for Big Picture users. This is a Steam client-specific issue that Valve will be fixing in an upcoming patch
  • There are occasional crashes when exiting from a match to the main menu
  • The statues in Urban Central do not display correctly
  • You may experience intermittent blurring issues

Well I am fairly disappointed to see that after SO LONG the game will still be released with such bugs on Linux (especially the crashes, I have no idea how “occasional” feels like, and if you are playing with friends it’s surely going to be fun when they see you drop out suddenly).

But all in all, it’s still good news. Not good that it took so long, that’s for certain, but the fact that the game is still going to be alive when it reaches Linux this Thursday. Which is not the case of some ports which come long after the community is dead and gone. It’s going to be an interesting experience to see how well the network games function between all the different platforms involved.

We’ll be covering how the game is once released (My guess is that our friend PSP will jump on it to tell you more!), and see how bad the bugs they described are, in the “public beta”.