Old School RTS Make a Comeback (on Linux too)

We had already mentioned that Cossacks would be coming on Linux – it’s been on Windows since last year (2016) and for a long time we had no news about when it would appear on Linux, but it seems now that the date is fixed – it will be released on the 15th of March 2017 both on Mac and Linux.

Note that the recent reviews on Steam are still mixed, and there are apparently bugs in Multiplayer. On top of that, we still don’t know whether multiplayer will be cross-platform or not. Well, just another month or so and we’ll know the answer to these questions.

In the second piece of news, Sudden Strike 4 by Kalypso (spotted by GOL) has a trailer since December and will apparently make it to Linux (release for Spring 2017). Here’s what it should look like:

Even though the RTS genre has since long been showing signs of weakness on PC (apart from the occasional game from Blizzard…), the Linux platform has already a good number of decent games: Planetary Annihilation, the Wargame series, Company of Heroes 2,  and more recently Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2. And that’s not even taking in account the number of RTS you can run in WINE or via other means (Dune2 can be run in the Dune Dynasty Engine for example).

Well, more choice does not hurt.

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[…] Old School RTS Make a Comeback (on Linux too) […]


I like “The Hive” which is a fantasy/SF indie RTS. I haven’t played the final version but during early access it was rather slow and easy. Great graphics and good playability.