Odroid Go Super: Switch-Like?

Odroid continues to move beyond the simple realm of Single Board Computers (SBCs) to become and more and more credible player as a portable consoles manufacturer. After introducing the Odroid Go and the Odroid Go Advance (that both cow_killer and I reviewed), they have announced at the end of December 2020 that they were going to release yet another version, the Odroid Go Super.

Odroid Go Super

The Odroid Go Super is not a DIY model anymore, which is a little bit of a shame since it removes half of the fun (or the trouble, depending on how you see it!).

Instead of listing up specs out of the blue, what really matters is a proper comparison between the Odroid Go Advance and this new Super edition, with the key differences highlighted.

Odroid Go AdvanceOdroid Go Super
1.3 GHz Rockchip RK33261.3 GHz Rockchip RK3326
3.5mm headphone jack3.5mm headphone jack
USB2.0 portUSB2.0 port
3000 mAh battery4000 mAh battery
USB Type-C Power CableUSB Type-C Power Cable
Built-in 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/nNo Wireless
3.5 inches 320×480 TFT LCD (4:3)5 inches 854x480 pixel LCD (16:9)
Mono speakerMono speaker
Digital padDigital pad
1 analog stick2 analog sticks
6 custom buttons6 custom buttons + volume buttons
Micro-SD slot push-pullMicro-SD slot push-push
50 USD80 USD

Overall, it seems like a good upgrade. I really like the fact that they added one extra analog stick (that will help with some PS1 games for example) , extra volume buttons (it was sometimes awkward on the Go Advance to change volume), and a larger screen.

Odroid Go Super side view

However, there are missed opportunities as well:

  • The larger screen is in 16:9 format, which means a space wasted in black borders for most systems you can emulate with this handheld.
  • The internal hardware is mostly unchanged, which means it will suffer from the same limits as before (PSP games not always full speed)
  • Still no stereo speakers…
  • No Wifi included! That’s a big step backward following the Go Advance…
Odroid Go Super grey and transparent white

At 80 USD the value for money is still very, very good, and an excellent machine for emulation. But as an owner of the Go Advance Black Edition, I’m really on the fence if the changes they made are actually worth it.

You will be able to order it, if you are so inclined, from the end of January apparently. Expect it to go out of stock within a few hours, as usual!

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