Octopath Traveler II: Prologue is Out, and Works Perfectly on Linux with Proton


Octopath Traveler II is coming out on February 24th 2023 on Steam (just a few days later), and the Prologue (aka Demo) has just landed on Steam. It looks pretty much like the original game from 2018, which is to say a 3D JRPG with character sprites in 2D and old-school combat system - once again there are eight protagonists with their own stories to choose from, and the prologue allows you to play for 3 hours with any character you like, until it stops. Note that the save game can then be used in the full game as is, so you’t lose your progress.

I tried it out on Linux with Proton (defaults) and it seemed to work perfectly. Here is below my first steps in the world with the character called Ochette:

You can also check the video on our Peertube channel.

This may be a JRPG to put on your wishlist - while it retails at a fairly expensive price (60 USD).