New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients – 2022-11-23 Edition

Between 2022-11-16 and 2022-11-23 there were 22 New Steam games released with Native Linux clients. For reference, during the same time, there were 291 games released for Windows on Steam, so the Linux versions represent about 7.6 % of total released titles. Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones:


Released on 18 Nov, 2022, developed by Faisal Alhaddad, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports

About the game: Crazy Drift is a realistic drifting and racing game that simulates the body physics engine in every component of the car


Released on 17 Nov, 2022, developed by TuanisApps, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy

About the game: Explore space, conquer asteroid fields to mine and extract resources. Build a fleet of spaceships and destroy the enemies in this new space action strategy adventure. Defend Humanity against an alien invader who aims to freeze Earth.

TCM RACING 2 (Free Game)

Released on 16 Nov, 2022, developed by Architect Team and published by Architect Enterprises.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Racing

About the game: A car sandbox game with no true goals laid out. It’s up for you to decide what you want to do!

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Released on 16 Nov, 2022, developed by Elusor Games, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Casual

About the game: Stealth is realtime tactic puzzle

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