New Hardware Revision for the Steam Deck Spotted?


We have covered before the fact that there were apparently some slight revisions of the hardware for the Steam Deck internals - and it looks like this is not the end, as someone in the UK has recently shared on Reddit what seems like yet another new version. This is what it looks like:

To better understand what has changed, in case it’s not obvious, you can look at the different versions that we have tracked so far until now in the following image:

The main change between the intermediate one seen last year and this newer one (at the bottom) is apparently the integration of a big metallic plate that probably acts as a larger heat sink. It’s true that the Steam Deck can get a little hot in the back when playing demanding games, and this addition may well help diffuse the heat better than the earliest models. You can see it as highlighted in red in the below picture. We can see that the fan selected in the second iteration has apparently not changed since then.

Just like last time, it’s not surprising to see this kind of improvements over the life of a device. Revisions can help improve the durability of the device, or make it cheaper to manufacture over time. Since the Steam Deck is likely to be around for a while until an eventual second version comes out, we may still get to see a few more revisions down the road.