New Games You Can Play With Proton Since June 2020


It’s now July 2020 and the Steam Summer Sale has just ended. I hope you took the chance to grab some titles at low prices! We did!

This time around I will not delve into games with the largest number of reports on ProtonDB. Instead, I focus on recent reports for which the median rating (not the ProtonDB one, my own rating based on the raw data) is something like Platinum or Gold at least (4 or 5 on my scale). And we get the following list based on the games that were never reported until now in June 2020:

**Title****n****Median Rating**
Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection1045
The Sims™ 495
Battlefield 4™75
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted75
Destroy All Humans!64
Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition45
Occupy Mars: The Game44
Creeper World 445
Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk : L'Amulette du Désordre45
Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean35
The Survivalists35
Balsa Model Flight Simulator35

First Command and Conquer: no need for introduction! One of the most famous RTS games is back in a repackaged format (HD graphics, remixed audio track) while the cutscenes look now worse than ever (upscaling old video sources and 90s CGI look just awful nowadays). Still, it remains a solid game compared to the non-existing RTS titles of the 2000’s.

Then comes Journey, which used to be exclusive to Playstation for years (PS3 and PS4), and then an Epic Store Exclusive on PC since 2019, has finally reached Steam. It’s about time. I still have not played it but this is exactly the kind of opportunity I was waiting for to try it out.

Griftslands is another card game with a very distinctive look. It seems like this genre gets a lot of attention these days.

Destroy All Humans is a remake/reboot of the old title on Xbox (and PS2 I guess) - I still remember it well from 2005! You play the evil alien coming to Earth to take power over the US back in the 1960s. The game was properly redesigned for modern controls along with the graphical overhaul. However, pricing it at more than 30 USD is questionable.

Ultrakill is reminiscent of Doom in style, but it seems to play rather like Quake with long jumps in the air. The developers went for a retro 3D look as well, somewhat unique and quite different from UltraHot.

Skye is a new free to play title that lets you fly through beautiful islands in relaxing races.

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk is a RPG with tactical fights a la XCOM. It’s apparently not yet available on Steam, but the early reports are probably done by backers of the project using a beta branch (that’s my guess). It looks very well made and involves numerous characters at once.

There’s also a bunch of EA games that just made it back to Steam (with a background installation of the Origin client…) but since none of them are really new, it’s not worth mentioning.

That’s it for now! If you think there are other new titles (out since June 2020) that should be mentioned here, let us know in the comments!