Metal Gear Solid V on Proton

Following my (controversial?) article of the other day on MGSV, that I mostly played on Lutris/DXVK, I decided to go ahead and install it “normally” from the native Linux Steam client. And as expected, it works very well, without the need to set up anything. I think the performance is even better with Proton, because this time around there were absolutely no framerate slow-downs, even when using binoculars. So, 60 FPS all the way in high details, on my good old’ GTX970.

Note that I took this video with an external camera (not OBS) – this explains why it loses focus once in a while, and why it does not cover the whole screen. Also, I put the sound volume very low, so it’s normal if you can barely hear anything. But the thing that you can rely on is the framerate – this is what you get with i5 and a GTX970, more or less, at high details.

That’s it. Now you know what to expect!

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Nothing was controversial about your previous article I made a bad decision and took your article out of context and made an uneducated assumption about Kojima’s connection to MGS PO and Ac!d games. So as I said in my second reply I apologize for that.


Thanks Ekianjo! I know people will say this is the internet and all but I just felt the need to apologize because I realized that I messed up.