Proton's White List: Like A Mushroom


I don’t think anybody expected that the Steam Play/Proton initiative would grow that fast. Yet it’s happening. Just 2 days ago, Valve has updated their Steam Play White-List package, and here’s what new games (39!) are part of the pack now:

If I had to pick something out of this list, I would definitely highlight Dark Souls III. It’s such a major game in the genre that it’s huge news to see it white-listed.

I am also recommending STEINS;GATE. It’s not as well known to everyone (especially outside of Japan), but this is a very, very good visual novel with a strong otaku/sci-fi vibe. Very entertaining and the writing is fun from beginning to end.

They even ended up making an anime out of it, which is great, too. It has a different vibe and style, but it’s also very good. I recommend it as well.

Great job by Valve, Codeweavers and every contributor to the project. Such news are always awesome.