Major Update on Our Recommended Games Page


While you may be following BoilingSteam, are you familiar with some of the links we share at the top right hand corner of the page? There is one page, called Recommended Games, which features our list of games that we strongly advise to get on Linux, based on our experience, and sub-divided by genres.

We have just updated that page for several reasons:

  • The information regarding each game’s availability on different stores was not up to date anymore.
  • There were no links for most games.
  • There was no information regarding DRM aspects.

The last bit is the one that has required the most work. We have checked one by one if each game listed was first available on all stores (if they are not, they are marked as NA for some of them), and whether Humble Bundle offers a simple Steam key or the DRM-free version as well.

More often than not, it looks like buying games on the Humble Store is the more rational choice, since you usually get a DRM-free version plus a Steam key. So even if one of these services tank, at least you should have a backup option for games that offer both versions. GOG is always offering DRM-free versions, but there are issues with missing Linux versions even when Windows clients are available, and a smaller catalog overall vs Humble Bundle. However, GOG does have some exclusive Linux versions that are not found on HB, and even rarely not found on Steam. Note that Steam does offer DRM-free versions, but it’s labeled nowhere on the store and is only reported on third party pages.

We hope you will find this page and table useful, whenever you are looking for new games, or considering which platform to choose for a single title. Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments!