Recommended Commercial Games
Note that this is only based on my preference/experience, and that your list of recommended games may look different from mine (and that’s perfectly fine). This being said, most of these games are usually fairly well reviewed, so unless you are deeply allergic to the related style/type of game, you probably can’t go very wrong with anything on the following list. Note that we do not include, on purpose, titles that are on Early Access. If you see any title that’s probably missing feel free to contact us to let us know your suggestions.

The Intel HD column refers to how the game is expected to perform on Intel HD3000/4000 and above (which is the integrated GPU you usually find on intel-based laptops that are 2-3 years old).

FPS Steam GOG Humble Store IntelHD
Bioshock Infinite O X X Poor
Metro 2033 Redux O X X Poor
Metro Last Light Redux O X X Poor
Borderlands 2 O X X Poor
Half Life O X X Good
Half Life 2 O X X Good
Shadow Warrior O X X Poor
Dying Light O X X Poor
Dead Island O X X Poor
First Person Tactics
System Shock 2 O X X Good
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided O X X Poor
Multiplayer FPS
CS:GO O X X Poor
Team Fortress 2 O X X Poor
Left for Dead 2 O X X Poor
Storm United O X X Poor
Insurgency O X X Poor
Specs Ops: The Line O X X Poor
Tomb Raider(2013) O X X Poor
Horror First Person
Outlast O X X Poor
Amnesia O O O Poor
Alien: Isolation O X X Poor
Open World Action
Saints Row II O X X ?
Saints Row III O X X Poor
Saints Row IV O X X Poor
Gat Out of Hell O X X Poor
Mad Max O X X Poor
ME: Shadow of Mordor O X X Poor
Hitman (2016) O X X Poor
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
DOTA 2 O X X Good
Civilization V O X X Playable
Civilization VI O X X Poor
Colonization O O X Good
Crusader Kings II O X O Playable
Europa Universalis IV O X O Playable
Empire Total War O X X Poor
Defcon O O O Good
Stellaris O X O Playable
God Games/Building
Tropico 5 O X X Playable
Cities Skyline O X X Playable
Prison Architect O X X Good
Euro Truck Simulator 2 O X O Playable
American Truck Simulator O X O Playable
X Plane-10 Global O X X Poor
Dirt:Showdown O X X Poor
GRID Autosport O X X Poor
Dirt:Rally O X X Poor
Vanguard Princess O X X Good
Skullgirls O X O Good
Minecraft Like
Terraria O O X Good
Platformer / Adventure
Guacamelee O X X Good
Teslagrad O X X Good
Rochard O X X Good
Owlboy O O X Good
Psychonauts O X X Good
Cave Story + O X O Good
FEZ O X O Good
Limbo O X O Good
Another World O X X Good
Oddworld: New'n Tasty O O X Poor
Psychonauts O O O Good
Trine I O O X ?
Trine II O O X ?
Super Meat Boy O X X Good
Shovel Knight O X X Good
Dust: An Elysian Tail O O X Good
Rochard O X O Good
The Witcher 2 O O X Poor
Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition X O X Good
Planescape Torment X O X Good
Pillars of Eternity O O X ?
IceWind Dale: Enhanced Edition O O X Good
Shadowrun Returns O O X Good
Shadowrun DragonFall O O X Good
Shadowrun Hong Kong O O X Good
KOTOR 2 O X X Good
Hack'n Slash / RPG
Torchlight II O X X Good
Tactical / Tactical RPG
The Banner Saga O X X Good
Shadow Tactics O O O Poor
FTL O O O Good
Door Kickers O O X Good
Space Hulk O X X Poor
Space Hulk: Ascension O X X Poor
Ultimate General: Gettysburg O O X Good
XCOM Enemy Unknown O X X Playable
XCOM Enemy Within O X X Playable
XCOM2 O X X Poor
Hard West O O X Poor
Breach & Clear O X X Good
2D Action
OlliOlli O O O Good
Transistor O O X Good
Hotline Miami O O O Good
Super Meat Boy O X O Good
Teeworlds O X X Good
Not a Hero O X X Good
Broforce O X O Good
Osmos O X X Good
Braid O O O Good
World of Goo O X X Good
Blocks That Matters O O O Good
Portal O X X Good
Portal 2 O X X Playable
Papers Please O O O Good
The Talos Prophecy O X X Poor
Luftrausers O O O Good
Geometry Wars 3 O X X Good
Pixeljunk Shooter O O X Good
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe O X X Poor
Rocket League O X X Playable
Open World Exploration
Don't Starve O O O Good
Kerbal Space Program O X O Playable
Steamworld Dig O O O Good
Kentucky Route Zero O X X Good
Grim Fandango Remastered O O O Good
Day of the Tentacle Remastered O O O Good
Broken Age O O O Good
The Blackwell Legacy O O X Good
Blackwell Unbound O O X Good
Blackwell Convergence O O X Good
The Stanley Parable O X X Playable
Real Time Strategy
Wargame: European Escalation O X O Poor
Wargame: AirLand Battle O X O Poor
Wargame: Red Dragon O X O Poor
Darwinia O O X Good
Company of Heroes 2 O X X Poor
Planetary Annihilation O X X Poor
W40K: Dawn of War II O X X Poor