Hot Games Planned for Winter 2014

November is soon going to be at our doorsteps. Already you can hear the wind blowing, see the temperature dropping, and your body slowly requiring more and more sleep. But you’d better wake up and get some serious injection of caffeine if you are a Linux Gamer this Winter. Grab your Red Bull, because the following is expected to hit the stores anytime soon, and it’s just the beginning.

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth: We know it’s coming soon and during the holidays (Halloween ? Thanksgiving ? Christmas ? Which Holidays ??) and that it will be released after the Windows and Mac version. Hold your wallet still, it should not be too long now.
  • Metro 2033: the first episode of the Metro series was not available on Linux, but since they are doing some major refactoring of both episodes to upgrade their engine, this should also be coming soon.
  • Metro Last Light: Same here, the previous version is not available on the  Steam store for Linux anymore, so let’s bet that they are simply getting ready to release the upgraded version soon, as announced.
  • Darksiders I and II: will it be coming during the Holidays ? Well, it’d better be, we have been waiting for these two episodes since they were announced in August, but since then news have been sparse. If you want to get religious and light up candles, do it for Darksiders.
  • Football Manager 2015: if you are in Soccer management games, then this is probably a good Christmas gift as this is expected to hit the shelves in November.
  • Raven’s cry: An adventure action game. In the Caribbeans. With pirates and swords! Supposed to be released in December, hopefully at the same time on Linux as the other platforms.
  • Hotline Miami 2: not sure if that one will be released in Q4, it could come in next year. If you are into more pixel ultraviolence, you should not have to wait too long.

It’s probably a very conservative list. Who knows, we may get Rome Total War 2 (yeah, I can dream!) or other Paradox titles… maybe Borderlands 1 ? or a secret project from Aspyr ?

EDIT (27 Oct 2014): We may very well get OddWorld: New’n Tasty this winter as well.

EDIT (Nov 5 2014): CroTeam’s new philosophical puzzler, The Talos Principle, is expected to be released on Dec 11th as well for the Linux platform.

It’s too early to say, but nevertheless it already sounds like this winter is going to be hot for Linux gamers.

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There is also Age of Wonders III which is supposed to come out for Linux this Winter also Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams while not a major AAA title still looks pretty interesting.

joe the brave

“not sure if that one will be released”, well then do some fucking research before making an article. useless site