GRID 2019 Works on Proton 5.13


As soon as the news of Proton 5.13 broke out, we have been trying out several games that did not work previously on Proton 5 just to see if the new version improved compatibility across the board, not just for the games mentioned in the release notes. Cow Killer discovered that he could now run GRID (2019) out of the box - which uses DX12 by default.

As usual, the act of recording the video while the game runs results in lower framerates. You can see in the chart below that the game runs at around 60 FPS+, more or less, with his GTX1660 Super.

While the game does run out of the box, it’s probably not ready to be considered “Platinum”. There are a few caveats. Apparently the game does not detect RAM properly (his machine has 24Gb while the game reports 49), and changing the settings anywhere from “High” to something else does not work.

We will keep reporting our successes in the next few days if we do find other games that work well in this new Proton version.