11 New Games You Can Play With Proton Since Sept. 2020

These series are back after a short hiatus. Our friend bdefore had some kind of break over the summer and some of the ProtonDB dumps ended up a little delayed. This is now what we can see from the latest data which encompasses everything in September 2020.

You wanted new games? Here they come:

TitlenMedian Rating
1Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning325
3Hotshot Racing95
4Rebel Galaxy Outlaw94
5Star Renegades74
7A Monster’s Expedition55
8Final Upgrade45
9Paradise Killer35
10Freedom Fighters35
11Small World35
12Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff35

So first, Kingdom of Amalur. It’s apparently a remastered release. I must admit I have never heard of that game before somehow. It must be pretty popular if I believe the number of entries for that one. It’s an action RPG:

In other news, we are progressively reaching the end of times. I can’t be sure, but seeing rhythm-games mechanics integrated in a FPS sure does look like a tell. It’s called BPM for Bullets per Minute, and here’s the trailer:

Now I’m giving for free the next great idea in the series: a Minecraft-like with music as a mechanic for building. Surely another trillion USD opportunity.

HotShot racing, apparently developed by some veterans from Sega, is a new arcader racer. It reminds me a lot of a mix between the ugly polygons of Virtua Racer and the gameplay of Daytona USA:

More new games made out of old stuff, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks like Elite/Privateer/Freelancer remade in the modern age. Looks half-decent actually, this might be fun(?).

As you probably know, I am not too fond of Pixel Art (also known as faking a style that never existed) but Star Renegades looks very convincing. It looks like a turn-based RPG across several worlds. Combat scenes are very impressive in the trailer, to say the least:

Ostranauts is in Early Access now and looks like a one-person adventure in a spaceship that’s not working as expected. The point of view is kind of original:

Missing puzzle games? Monster’s Expedition seems to resurrect the vibe of older games in the genre, with delicious visuals:

Final Upgrade is a space mining management game:

Paradise Killer takes place in a futuristic island. You have to solve a murder, and convict the right person. Reminds me of Danganronpa, but this seems to be a lot more focused on exploration:

Freedom Fighters! I know this game. It’s a re-release – it’s probably something like 15 years old. It was fun at the time, but I am pretty sure the mechanics have badly aged by now:

Finally, Sword’n Magic and Stuff is an open world RPG with a style reminiscent of Zelda Windwaker:

So, what do you like the best in this list? Drop us a comment!

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Bob Odenkirk

What is the fucking point in having console trailers? Talk about lazy editing.