Feral Hints at Another Port

Feral’s been relatively quiet for the past 3 months. Well, not completely silent, since they have recently released War of the Chosen, the huge DLC that almost counts as an entirely new game for XCOM2. We also know that they are probably working on F1 2017, as well as working on their Vulkan renderer (Mad Max and other titles like Hitman). Now we have the confirmation that there’s a new title coming to Linux, with the hint “Oh vain illusion of glory and grandeur“.

Poke86 on Reddit was quick to identify where this hint came from, and it’s a pretty clear reference to the world of Tomb Raider. So, unless Feral tricked us again with their hints, it does sound like we will get Rise of the Tomb Raider! That would be very good news all in all. I must admit I am sometimes starting to feel a little nervous when we get the first game in a series, while the sequel does not get ported (cough, cough… The Banner Saga 2…cough). It’s become somewhat of an issue but I am very, very glad to see this may not be happening with Tomb Raider. Now Feral, it would be nice to get Dirt 4 while you guys are at it, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm why not?

Note that the game is currently on the outskirts of Feral’s radar, so it’s unlikely coming very soon. Probably before the end of the year? That would be a nice, early Christmas present.

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I’m really hoping for something like Rise of the Tomb Raider. I love Feral and appreciate all their work but if this is another Warhammer game I may scream ! Not much of an RTS fan myself so while I try to support Feral by buying them on sale I don’t love them. ROTTR is something I can sink my teeth into. The new Life is Strange would be awesome as well.