F1 2017 Could Be Coming to Linux

Hey! We are back from holidays. Actually, it’s been a few weeks, and it’s high time we come back on what has been happening during summer. Not that it was very eventful, but let’s start with what could be a good news for us racers on Linux. After Feral decided to skip F1 2016 for Linux (while releasing a Mac port), pointing to disappointing sales of F1 2015, it was unclear if we would be getting any F1 game port ever again.

Well, things are looking up following a SteamDB leak hinting at Linux repositories for F1 2017. There was also a reddit user, 5had0w5talk3r, who had a conversation with Feral about a potential port of the game, which could have influenced Feral into making the extra effort this time around. This, and the fact that many Linux gamers complained about F1 2015 not being the right game at the right time, too. (F1 2016 would have been a better and more timely candidate).

F1 2017 should be a much better game that F1 2015 ever was – remember F1 2015 had no campaign mode? Anyway since the game was out on Windows, PS4 and XboxOne, the reviews have been very positive.

I’m all for a great F1 game, but I am personally more interested in getting Dirt 4 on Linux at some point, if it’s in Feral’s plans. The longer time passes, the more unlikely Dirt4 may be, actually.

Note that Feral has been running a Requestinator thread on social networks and on r/linux_gaming as well during August, asking for what games people want to see ported. Nothing surprising among the answers from most people, and fairly consistent with the survey results from earlier in March 2017. It’s not too late to drop an email to Feral if you want to see a particular title ported.

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