Fahrenheit Remastered Confirmed

You may have heard of super secret project from the awesome guys at Aspyr – until recently we had no idea what it would be, but it looks like it’s the remastered version of Fahrenheit (aka the Indigo Prophecy) – and it will be multiplatform. So what can you expect ? If you have never played the game back in the days, let me summarize what I think about it:

  • David Cage created it. If you know the guy, that says all.
  • You can expect a TV-drama kind of story. Cheese included.
  • You have pseudo choices in the game that have very little impact at all.
  • Do you like QTEs ? Too bad, this game is filled with it.
  • The first part of the game is average, the latter is just shite.

So, I would not recommend to get this one unless you really know what you are doing. Oh, and while it’s an “HD Remaster”, look at the trailer and you will see how old and dated everything looks like:

If you just want to support Aspyr, you can buy any of their other ports or send them chocolates instead. I’m now waiting for their next project announcement.

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Oh look at this wonderfully biased article. Just because you didn’t enjoy this game doesn’t mean you can’t support Aspyr for this cult classic. They made this game cause its a favourite around their studio.


Ahah, nice article :). I’ll probably buy it anyway just to see what it’s all about…