FPS To Expect in 2015 on Linux


Shooters. You like them, and Linux is starting to have a very decent collection of some of the best in that genre (Metro, most of Valve’s titles, Killing Floor…). The good news is that there’s more coming in 2015. Here’s what you can expect to hit within the course of this year. I listed both known ports as well as potential ones, and even the FPS we should NOT expect to see on Linux.

Overall, 8 are already confirmed (4 AAA and 4 indies), 9 are unknown at this stage and 4 are clearly not planned for Linux. I’d say this is a pretty good ratio, while way lower than what we expect for Simulation Games on Linux in 2015.

Killing Floor 2


Tripwire is a known supporter of the Linux Gaming platform and their sequel to their original gory FPS is expected to be available for Linux/SteamOS at launch at the same time as the other platforms.



A very original game where you are by default in bullet-time mode: time only passes when you move around. This means you can actually think about your next move instead of playing solely on your reflexes just like in other FPS. It will be available on Linux, and you can already download and play with the prototype on their website. The idea is cool, but I’m not sure how you could make a game last several hours on that concept.



This WW1 shooter taking place right in the trenches is already available as an early access title on Steam for Linux. The final version is expected to hit within this month (February 2015), and it has had very positive reviews so far.

HomeFront: The Revolution


The sequel to Homefront is already confirmed to support Linux/SteamOS at launch. It’s apparently using CryEngine, since the game was originally developed by Crytek UK before being handed down to Deep Silver Studio.

Black Ice


A strange FPS a la Tron where you fight viruses as enemies in very colorful environments. It’s already in early access on Steam and Linux is in.



A game mixing the Voxel aspects of Minecraft inside a shooter. Maps, characters and environments are all Voxel based and it comes with a tool to edit them all by yourself. Sounds like fun, and it’s already available as an early access game on Linux while the game will hit its final release in 2015.

Serious Sam 4


(EDIT: Added) There is nothing much we know about Serious Sam 4 at this stage except that it’s coming for Linux on top of Windows. It was supposed to come late 2014, but I guess CroTeam was busy for a while with The Talos Principle.

BioShock Infinite


EDIT: I forgot to mention that one first, since it’s not a new game per se - but that’s indeed another FPS coming to Linux in 2015, and while we do not know who is dealing with the port, there are high expectations for that title. Whether you may or may not like Bioshock, art-wise it was top-notch.

Not Yet Confirmed: Unsure IF or WHEN…

  • Reflex: An old school arena-shooter with jump pads! The devs are still undecided about Linux at this stage. I mean, they kind of plan to have a port, but… “It’s really hard to promise things as an unfunded, indie dev team unfortunately. We won’t hate you if you want to wait until there’s a Linux port” is what they had to say when asked. So it may take a long time before you see it. So, maybe not in 2015… ?
  • Block n Load: Another crafting and construction destruction game, where you can build turrets and all to defend your buildings. Sadly it’s not officially confirmed for Linux yet, while they are working for a Mac version. Their official website says that Linux is not planned at this stage. We will see…
  • Hellraid: A hack’n slash a la first person made by Techland (yeah, they were responsible for Dying Light recently and their port is not pretty so far). While Techland said back in May 2014 that a Linux port was not completely out of the question, in September another official employee from Techland commnented “no SteamOS/Linux plans at this stage”. We may see a delayed port, or maybe nothing at all.
  • Fornite: There is no official announcement from Epic at this stage for any Linux port, but it will be their first game running on the Unreal Engine 4 which also supports Linux. So we might be lucky in the end. It’s a FPS that mixes crafting and shooting, by the way.
  • Evolve: We have not heard anything yet about this game regarding Linux support, but since it’s published by 2K there is some hope for a Linux port sooner or later. Maybe Feral is handling it ? It’s using the CryEngine so it could be made to run on Linux as well but as far as we know the CryEngine version of Linux is not production ready yet.
  • Ratz Instagib 2.0: Another Unity-based shooter, Ratz Instagib features large maps, colorful levels and Unreal Tournament like features like one-kill shots. Not sure if it’s coming to Linux at this stage.
  • Bedlam: An old school shooter a la Quake, announced for Windows and Mac so far but no Linux port yet, but since it’s based on Unity the possibility is still there… “We have no concrete plans for a Linux port, but our using the Unity engine would potentially allow for it. We’d need to weigh up the additional dev/tweaking/optimisation required against demand and make an educated decision. For now our priorities are with PC and Mac during Early Access”.
  • BattleBorn: Another arena shooter where you are shooting the heroes (yes, you read it right), published by 2K and made by Gearbox. My guts tell me it’s unlikely to hit Linux (Gearbox…) but with 2K involved, we never know, they may ask for a third party to deal with the port if they really want to have it supported.
  • Toxikk: A modern take on the gameplay of Unreal Tournament, Toxikk is developed on Unreal Engine 3. This does not mean it’s impossible to get a port for Linux (XCom comes to mind) but it’s a little less likely since additional efforts will be needed to make it happen.

Not Coming for Sure in 2015

  • Star Wars Battlefront: EA. Mouhahaha.
  • BattleField Hardline: EA, ’nuff said.
  • Call of Duty 12: Activision, ’nuff said.
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Ubi Soft, ’nuff said. Am I repeating myself?

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