Dirt4 Finally Lands on Linux


Feral has just released the official Linux port of Dirt4 by Codemasters a few days ago (remember this back in 2017?). That’s probably one of the first times such port news do not really seem to make much waves. After all, we are in a post-Proton era and Dirt4 was actually already playable through Proton for whoever cared before.

This being said, if you were on the fence for a proper port to decide whether or not to buy this game, now is the time to jump onboard. You should expect from me a full article about what I think about this particular port, but I have already toyed with it a little and from a pure porting experience they get many things right:

  • my Steam controller was properly recognized and supported right from the first start
  • By default the game proposed “high” graphics settings at the correct resolution for my GTX970 config. I really, really like this.
  • The frame rate looked absolutely decent and very similar to what I got at the time for Dirt Rally’s port.

Now, the real question is, is this Dirt episode really worth it compared to other games available and playable on Linux? How does the performance compare to the same game running with Proton? More on this in the coming week or two.

Regarding what you need to get this running on your box:

  • i5 processor recommended
  • 8GB RAM recommended
  • 38 GB hard disk space.
  • GTX 680 or better, AMD R9 285 or better, 2GB AMD GCN 3rd of better
  • Vulkan drivers (Nvidia: 418.43 or later, AMD: Mesa 18.3.4 or later)

Find more about specs on Feral’s mini-site.

That’s all for now.