Feral’s Next Linux Port May Be Dirt 4

I usually refrain from feeding the marketing and hype related to upcoming titles. But hey, the latest Feral radar shows this kind of weird hint at a new game for Linux and Mac, and for once I got a theory that does not seem too far-fetched.


My thinking was like that. OK, we know that Codemasters and Feral are in good terms (GRID, Dirt Rally). We also know that Feral has mentioned there would be more driving games coming down the road, and at some point we assumed they could be porting Micromachines but that port went to VP. So that leaves us with the most recent, high profile driving game, Dirt 4. Let’s add to this fact the trend that Feral usually targets the release of new ports not too long ago after the Windows release, and that fits the bill.

So, Dirt 4 would be a very likely candidate. But is there anything in West Norwood that has any connection to Dirt4? The picture is actually from Wikipedia, and hints at a bus line:


A little googling gives us a link between West Norwood and something called Project Dirt:


West Norwood feast… part of Project Dirt cluster ?

Well, I guess this may be completely unrelated, but this would fit nicely with the Dirt 4 narrative. I guess we just have to wait for another few weeks to find out!

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Todd B

Nice post, you beat me to it. But all good. I completely agree that DiRT 4 will be the next release from Feral.


[…] Feral’s Next Linux Port May Be Dirt 4 […]


London Bus line 68 “West Norwood” is near from Square Enix office. Could be Rise of Tomb Raider, Nier Automata or the new Shadow of Mordor


Square Enix is only the publisher for ROTB and Nier Automata – games are not developed there at all. ROTB is Crystal Dynamics, and Nier Automata is Platinum Games based in Osaka, Japan.


Yes! Dirt 4 would be awesome!