Bullet-Style: More Games, More Support


If you visit BoilingSteam once in a while, you’ll know this is not the place for 24/7 news. There are better websites for that, either GamingonLinux, or even the subreddit linux_gaming among other options. Still, there’s a bunch of things that have occurred in the past few weeks that I don’t want you guys to miss, and instead of rephrasing all these news in a painful way, we will go at it bullet-point style.

New Upcoming Games

New Games that May be Coming for Linux

Linux Milestones

Game Engines News

Games Updates

Hardware & Steam Machines

Additionally, don’t forget that the Steam Summer Sale is going on with many titles heavily discounted. It may be a good chance to get some Linux games if you are on a budget.

Finally, just a quick reminder that BoilingSteam is running a big Survey to better understand who we are as a Linux Community of Gamers. You can go and fill your answers on Google Forms if you have not done so yet! (Google login NOT required).