Some Actual Progress on Skullgirls


Remember Skullgirls, the Fighting game that started with a Kickstarter, made it to other platforms but did not do good on its Linux port promise ? As mentioned a couple of days ago, there are apparently pro porters now taking care of the Linux version, and for the first time we now have some proof there is some progress, through a video that was released via Facebook and Twitter, by Earlfriend.

It’s just an alpha, but as you can see it seems to be working fairly well already, so the actual release date may not be too far away. While it’s lame they took so long to do something about it, it’s better late than never and it looks like it will be the first decent fighting game on Linux. Hopefully with many more to come (KOF anyone?).

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  1. Will you have support for controllers as well?

    Better late than never, I guess.

    • I tested with a Madcatz Tournament Edition PS3 fightstick (the Namco one) and the Xbox360 wired controller. Both work in Linux.

      FULL DISCLOSURE: I took that video.

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