A Day before Launch, The Steam Deck Has Almost 800 Games Ready (Playable and Verified)

As expected we should be reaching 1000 titles playable for the Steam Deck before the end of the month. We are now at 783 titles at the time of writing, just before the official launch scheduled for the 25th of February 2022. Now you have, split in two categories:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 409 titles
  • Steam Deck Playable: 374 titles
  • Total: 783 titles

You can see the ongoing progression on this chart:

We can also plot the daily increase of new titles over time. It’s not accelerating but the progress is still steady day after day.

Right now we have on average 22.6 new validated titles added on a daily basis to that list.

What major titles have been added lately?

As Verified:

  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection
  • Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2

As Playable:

  • Ghostrunner
  • Crusader Kings III
  • Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-
  • Thief
  • Infinifactory

You can also find the exhaustive list, until now, below:

TitleRatingDateStore Link
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Football Manager 2020 TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eldest SoulsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
GhostrunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Crusader Kings IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New ChampionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
TownscaperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Quickie: A Love Hotel StorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Defend the RookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milkSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Contraption MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
InfinifactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Youtubers LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™Tetris®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Door Kickers: Action SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: HELP WANTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eternal ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ATOM RPG TrudogradSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
觅长生Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Nexomon: ExtinctionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
STAR WARS™: SquadronsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
NBA 2K21Steam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Knockout City™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mass Effect™ Legendary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Blade AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
WartalesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Last Stand Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Wrestling EmpireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Super Auto PetsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
BitburnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
DCS World Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
UnEpicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
FATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Goat SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
King's Bounty: Dark SideSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Pillars of EternitySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Call of Duty®: Infinite WarfareSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Alien Shooter 2: ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ARK: Survival EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Yooka-LayleeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Fallout 4Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Time ClickersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
AdventureQuest 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
This Is the PoliceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
JalopySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
SatisfactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Little Busters! English EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Men of War: Assault SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Sanator: Scarlet ScarfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
The Ultimatest BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Monster PromSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of TaiwuSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Spiral ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Expeditions: RomeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
War SelectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Astalon: Tears of the EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Before Your EyesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Space Crew: Legendary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow TorchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Grapple DogSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
5D Chess With Multiverse Time TravelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
World of TanksSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Space Travel IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Recipe for DisasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Incremental Epic HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Underworld IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Vivid KnightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Infinity KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade GayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
I'm on Observation Duty 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Pet idleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Realm of the Mad God ExaltSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
King's Bounty: Warriors of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Worms ArmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
AntichamberSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Kerbal Space ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little InfernoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
FEZSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Galactic Civilizations IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Murdered: Soul SuspectSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
SpelunkySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
PixelJunk™ Monsters UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
realMyst: Masterpiece EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Legend of Grimrock 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Death Road to CanadaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hyper Light DrifterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hero SiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Quake Live™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark OutsideSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
We Need To Go DeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
DiRT RallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura AngelsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Victor Vran ARPGSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Trine Enchanted EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Horizon Chase TurboSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
ELEXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Stories of Bethem: Full MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little NightmaresSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Team Fortress 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Ara Fell: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
OvercookedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Battle Chasers: NightwarSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Hand of Fate 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Darksiders Warmastered EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Nine ParchmentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BeholderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
MX vs ATV All OutSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dota 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Killer InstinctSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Punch Planet - Early AccessSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Production Line : Car factory simulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BIOMUTANTSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
MashinkySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Train Valley 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
TangledeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
VVVVVVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the FaithSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BreathedgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Red Solstice 2: SurvivorsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Destroy All Humans!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
SNKRXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
PUSSYSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Gordian QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Lazy GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-21Store Page
Session: Skate SimSteam Deck Verified2022-02-20Store Page
Age of History IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-19Store Page
CloudpunkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-19Store Page
RatropolisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Partisans 1941Steam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Wrestledunk SportsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Big Farm StorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Mon BazouSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
NBA 2K22Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Alien: IsolationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
A Story About My UncleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Super Meat BoySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
MagickaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Sonic ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Trackmania United ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the DarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
RuneScape ®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
It Takes Two Friend's PassSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
WreckfestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Shadow WarriorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SteamWorld HeistSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SHENZHEN I/OSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Lethal League BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management SimulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
A Plague Tale: InnocenceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Control Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Skater XL - The Ultimate Skateboarding GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - RehydratedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Blacksad: Under the SkinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - ProphecySteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Internet Cafe SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Command & Conquer™ Remastered CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Cartel TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Buddy Simulator 1984Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
VoidigoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
CraftopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
AragamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
UnturnedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
ChasmSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Shadow Warrior 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Kingdom: ClassicSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Streets of RogueSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Ion FurySteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
MegaquariumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
WargrooveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
My Time At PortiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Bridge Constructor PortalSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Glass Masquerade 2: IllusionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Ultimate Fishing Simulator VRSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
This Land Is My LandSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TOHUSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RoguebookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mini MotorwaysSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
OMORISteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Slapshot: ReboundSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ICBMSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
NexomonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
MoncageSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Seeds of ChaosSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mist LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Castle in The Clouds DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3: Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
OpenTTDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
HITMAN 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Worms RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dungeon of the ENDLESS™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Oozi: Earth AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Secrets of GrindeaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mordheim: City of the DamnedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
The Banner Saga 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Sniper Elite 4Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cat Goes FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Peggle™ NightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® SyndicateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Anno 2205™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TorchlightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
FuriSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VampyrSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Pinball FX3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Bloons TD BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Wizard of LegendSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VanquishSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Rome: Total War™ - CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cold WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Them's Fightin' HerdsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Low Magic AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ParkasaurusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Carcassonne - Tiles & TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
House FlipperSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RaftSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
No Longer HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Planet ZooSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Animal Super SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Chinese ParentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
AtomicropsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dragon CliffSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Mars HorizonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
BlasphemousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
This Is the Police 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
OutwardSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Monster SanctuarySteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Iron HarvestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Garden PawsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Super Animal RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Crying SunsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
GOD EATER 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® III RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Final UpgradeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Amazing Cultivation SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
SUCCUBUSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Fae TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
BeaconSteam Deck Verified2022-02-13Store Page
EpidoSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
River City GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
TimberbornSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
RökiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Before We LeaveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
LakeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
CosmicBreak UniversalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Midnight ProtocolSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
SuzerainSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
EverhoodSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Escape Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
The Room 4: Old SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
THE GAME OF LIFE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
A traveler's photo albumSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Strange HorticultureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Ghost Exorcism INC.Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Defense Grid: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCHSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAINSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Valkyria Chronicles™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Yoku's Island ExpressSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
MushihimesamaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Disgaea 2 PCSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
DragoniaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
60 Parsecs!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
AshenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
GRISSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Between the StarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Dicey DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Starcom: NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Rogue Fable IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Fantasy BlacksmithSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Space HavenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
PictoQuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Long DriveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Serin FateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
MO:AstraySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Windjammers 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
As Far As The EyeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sayonara Wild HeartsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Farm Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Grim ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Wonderful 101: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Until We DieSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Life is Strange RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Prince of Persia®: The Sands of TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dark DeitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
NGU INDUSTRIESSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
WARNOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Tap Wizard 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Call of Juarez: GunslingerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
EvolandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Banner SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
System Shock 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Styx: Master of ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Cities: SkylinesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
XCOM® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy'sSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Everyday Genius: SquareLogicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Caves of QudSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Popup DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Jurassic WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Evoland 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Sakura ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
TSIOQUESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Twilight StruggleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
STEINS;GATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World TourSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Crush CrushSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Pathfinder AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
What Remains of Edith FinchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV STEAM EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
HUNTDOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Thief SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sonic Generations CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ELDERBORNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Beast InsideSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
LET IT DIESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv (マブラヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv Alternative (マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Shining Resonance RefrainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Last EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Fox Hime ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Little Nightmares IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Project WarlockSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Heave HoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Among UsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Soda Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Journey To The Savage PlanetSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Spiral KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ChernobyliteSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Element TD 2 - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Mafia II: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ISLANDERSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Jump KingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
UNSIGHTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poly Bridge 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automobilista 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bug Fables: The Everlasting SaplingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza 3 RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GemCraft - Frostborn WrathSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Hentai Bad GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automation EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HUMANKIND™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ready or NotSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gas Station SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ChorusSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
CartoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight Pocket DungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza: Like a DragonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
AI*Shoujo/AI*少女Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Library Of RuinaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shop TitansSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RIDE 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD Battles 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Super Monkey Ball Banana ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Kitaria FablesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Sakuna: Of Rice and RuinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Nobody Saves the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SnowRunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
MuckSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari - Love For HireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Left to Survive: Shooter PVPSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
战地指挥官/BattleboomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Treasure of NadiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Lands of EldynSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Babble RoyaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Vampire SurvivorsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Loop OdysseySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
FTL: Faster Than LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PAYDAY 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grim DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 3: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
DOOM IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Killing Floor 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
TrackMania² StadiumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Mortal Kombat Komplete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Dying LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Crew™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
SNOW - The Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Marvel™ Super HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight: Treasure TroveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of Maj'EyalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ori and the Blind ForestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The LEGO® Movie - VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Edge Of EternitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grand Theft Auto VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gang BeastsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pit People®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ryse: Son of RomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Enter the GungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poker Night at the InventorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
State of Decay: YOSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party PackSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Mad Games TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
TY the Tasmanian TigerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Slime RancherSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Drawful 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PreySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MMORPG Tycoon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
City Car DrivingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HYPERCHARGE: UnboxedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
art of rallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Sexy BrutaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
My Friend PedroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fire Pro Wrestling WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Total War: WARHAMMER IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Slasher's KeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Devil May Cry 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GriftlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PC Building SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
CarX Drift Racing OnlineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Stick Fight: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MudRunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Trine 4: The Nightmare PrinceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GRIDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Overcooked! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of AriseSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Digital Edition of LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DungreedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Outer WildsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
FIGHT KNIGHTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
WWE 2K19Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® DC Super-VillainsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza KiwamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Untitled Goose GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Prison SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Subnautica: Below ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor MultiplayerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
LittlewoodSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Super Robot Wars 30Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza Kiwami 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MinoriaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Project CARS 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 6Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Spiritfarer®: Farewell EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never EndsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HavenSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
古剑奇谭三(Gujian3)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ring of PainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Amnesia: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Garfield Kart - Furious RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Just Cause™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Cat QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Darksiders GenesisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Cat Quest IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Fireworks Mania - An Explosive SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
The FalconeerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
UnpackingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Siralim UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Demon TurfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Life is Strange: Before the StormSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
Evil Genius 2: World DominationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Tomb Raider: AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
NidhoggSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
The AscentSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIII - REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
IntravenousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 6Steam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Luck be a LandlordSteam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Master RebootSteam Deck Playable2022-02-06Store Page
Paradise KillerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
ISEKAI QUESTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
Curse of the Dead GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Cyber HookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
NIMBY RailsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Heavenly BodiesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
DAEMON X MACHINASteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Boomerang XSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Metal UnitSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IIISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IVSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 7Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Blue FireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Madden NFL 21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Loop HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Shadow Man RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Dead EstateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Aeterna NoctisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Orcs Must Die! 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Supraland Six Inches UnderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Seed of the Dead: Sweet HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Idle WastelandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SprocketSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
RAILROADS Online!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
SpeedRunnersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Sonic Adventure 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Nuclear ThroneSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
7 Days to DieSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Darkest Dungeon®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Offworld Trading CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
StellarisSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
INSIDESteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Don't Starve TogetherSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
SUPERHOTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Regency SolitaireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BaronySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Football, Tactics & GlorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
HELLDIVERS™ Dive Harder EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Spelunky 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
CaveblazersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Ultimate Fishing SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Genital JoustingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Human: Fall FlatSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Planet CoasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Just Cause 4 ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Redout: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Super Meat Boy ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
KingswaySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
West of LoathingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Realm GrinderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Disco Elysium - The Final CutSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Drug Dealer SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Kingdom Two CrownsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't DrySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Bejeweled® 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WHAT THE GOLF?Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SupaplexSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Katamari Damacy REROLLSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Football Manager 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WORLD OF HORRORSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hentai Girl HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Mortal ShellSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Potion Craft: Alchemist SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Despot's Game: Dystopian Army BuilderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-03Store Page
Tricky TowersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Pathologic 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PGA TOUR 2K21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
F1® 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Black BookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
NGU IDLESteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Bully: Scholarship EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DEATHLOOPSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
tModLoaderSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
IdleOn - The Idle MMOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
God of WarSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
World Nations GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider IV: The Last RevelationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
HITMAN™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Sniper Elite 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BattleBlock Theater®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Path of ExileSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Rocket League®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
The Evil WithinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
American Truck SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
100% Orange JuiceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BeamNG.driveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™ - The Complete SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tales of ZestiriaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Garfield KartSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The SurgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PsychonautsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Empyrion - Galactic SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FirewatchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Darksiders II Deathinitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Hearts of Iron IVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The Room ThreeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BayonettaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Quantum BreakSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Two Point HospitalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Deep Rock GalacticSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DARK SOULS™: REMASTEREDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Fallout ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Dead CellsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Desperados IIISteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Return of the Obra DinnSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
UnderMineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Airport CEOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Farm TogetherSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider: LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
A Dance of Fire and IceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
West of DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon RoarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Travellers RestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Behind the Frame: The Finest ScenerySteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 0Steam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Business Tour - Board Game with Online MultiplayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Deus Ex: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Fell Seal: Arbiter's MarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA ExtraSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Happy's Humble Burger FarmSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Graveyard KeeperSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Your ChronicleSteam Deck Verified2022-01-30Store Page
Hellish QuartSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...Steam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
The Life and Suffering of Sir BranteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
PowerWash SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Sam & Max Save the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 8Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Paint the Town RedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
MADNESS: Project NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
WytchwoodSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Baba Is YouSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Daymare: 1998Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
RoundguardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Death TrashSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
GRIMESteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
OCTOPATH TRAVELER™Steam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Life is Strange 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
LIMBOSteam Deck Verified2022-01-26Store Page
Hotline MiamiSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Half-Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Stardew ValleySteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Katana ZEROSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Left 4 Dead 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Tetris® Effect: ConnectedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
InscryptionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Circuit SuperstarsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Twelve MinutesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Black SkylandsSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
HadesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FINAL FANTASYSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DEATH STRANDINGSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Gunfire RebornSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Need for Speed™ HeatSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
A Way OutSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Titanfall® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dead Space™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield VSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 1 ™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 4™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rogue Legacy 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dyson Sphere ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
WebbedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Swords of Legends OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
It Takes TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
BRAVELY DEFAULT IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Cookie ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Lost in Random™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Madden NFL 22Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Aliens: Fireteam EliteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Cats in TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Tomb RaiderSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Castle Crashers®Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Mad MaxSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
War ThunderSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Crypt of the NecroDancerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SubnauticaSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
CupheadSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
The Witcher® 3: Wild HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RimWorldSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First SinSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Hollow KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ IIISteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SEASON OF MYSTERY: The Cherry Blossom MurdersSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rise of the Tomb Raider™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FactorioSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
APE OUTSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Manifold GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
CelesteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NieR:Automata™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Guacamelee! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Stormworks: Build and RescueSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Into the BreachSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Psychonauts 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Remnant: From the AshesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Portal 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Risk of Rain 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Slay the SpireSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Wasteland 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RADSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SableSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
The MessengerSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SCARLET NEXUSSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Farming Simulator 19Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Tribes of MidgardSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NoitaSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
TuncheSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
ValheimSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Death's DoorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Among TreesSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
EastwardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Super Mega Baseball 3Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page

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