WonderBoy: The Dragon’s Trap, Now on Linux!

It did not take too long for Ethan Lee to get a port working for this excellent remake from LizardCube/DotEmu. The game is now available on Steam for Linux (and Mac). Note that there’s some possibility for a GOG release, but it’s not confirmed at this stage. I have just tried the game and as expected it runs very smoothly on my i5+GTX970. I tried it also on my HD3000 Laptop (while it was supposed to be below specs), but after alerting Ethan Lee about it he looked into it and I am glad to report even my old X220 laptop with HD3000 can run the game extremely smoothly too. Well done Flibit!


You can expect our review of the game (and the port) within a week or so. But you should already know about the game’s reputation by now if you have followed the history of its development.


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Running Xubuntu 16.04 here with my Thinkpad X220 as well, glad to know it works, thanks a lot! I’ll be waiting for a DRM-Free release 🙂 !


I’m playing it to do a review for our website and the game is really really great and has a lot of fun. It’s an amazing game

[…] WonderBoy: The Dragon’s Trap, Now on Linux! […]

[…] WonderBoy: The Dragon’s Trap, Now on Linux! […]